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Malibu Addiction Center: Get Help Now

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  • Malibu Addiction Center: Get Help Now

    Addiction is a very difficult disease that most people struggle with managing on their own.  Because it is so hard to quit an addiction on your own, a Malibu addiction center like Seasons in Malibu can provide the help you need. We are a top addiction treatment facility available for alcohol and drug addiction and are located in the beautiful city of Malibu, California.

    Receive Professional Treatment

    We provide one-on-one treatment at our Malibu addiction center and have skilled and professional doctors, therapists and counselors to treat the addicted person and to help them and their families cope with this deadly disease. We have a five-star rating from Consumer Affairs and were voted Best in Class for 2015, and are well-experienced and knowledgeable about helping people that suffer from all kinds of addiction problems.

    The Assistance You Need at a Malibu Addiction Center

    It’s easy to start the process of getting drug and alcohol addiction help at the Malibu addiction center at Seasons in Malibu. Just call us for a consultation at . We specialize in treatments for a variety of different issues and do not just focus on single drug or alcohol addictions. We also treat co-occurring addictions such as drug addiction combined with alcohol dependence or addiction connected to mental illness.

    We treat people with addictions to heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamines, and a number of other substances. We understand that these are mind altering issues and these dependencies must be detoxed carefully through medical care, followed by education and counseling along with aftercare to avoid relapse. If you want help, our Malibu addiction center is ready and willing to assist you in your goal to get clean, sober and back to a healthy lifestyle.

    Therapies Offered at Seasons in Malibu

    At Seasons in Malibu we offer innovative treatments and therapies at our three-acre facility. We have access to a beautiful beach and patients can enjoy activities such as swimming, hiking, playing tennis, kayaking, or alternative types of therapy like acupuncture.

    We believe in a holistic approach in addition to medical treatments at Seasons in Malibu because both are needed for successful long-term addiction treatment. We have classes in nutrition, regular exercise sessions and many other opportunities to achieve a balance between the body and the spirit.

    If you or a loved one are suffering from issues with alcohol or drug addiction and you want help from a Malibu addiction center, then call us at Seasons in Malibu to get a free consultation. Pick up the phone and call today to get the help you need.