The Role of Detox In Treatment Success

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One of the most important components of a successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is the initial detoxification process. It is the first step in any type of recovery program, and it is often the most physically and mentally difficult for clients. At Seasons in Malibu, we offer a fully medically supervised Malibu detox program…

The Long Term Damage Of Binge Drinking On The Body

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Long term binge drinking wreaks havoc on the body. Binge drinking refers to when someone drinks copious amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. The long-term damage that binge drinking has on the body is disastrous. If people were more aware or how dangerous alcohol is, then they would be more careful to…

Contribute to your Sobriety by Increasing Health and Fitness

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Holistic health is a big part of recovery and overcoming addiction. That is why physical fitness plays a key ingredient in the process. Working out can help you channel obsessive thoughts associated with cravings and will even give you a goal to work towards, goals that can work together with goals for sobriety and even…

Guide to Alcoholism and Alcoholic Rehab

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An addiction to alcohol is more than just a destructive habit, it is actually a complicated and chronic type of disease that requires professional treatment and ongoing care. When it comes to drinking habits, it can be very difficult for people to tell when someone or even they themselves have crossed the line into addiction….

Dealing With Co-Occurring Disorders In Recovery

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Drug addiction is a disease that takes many forms and is generally defined as any circumstance wherein a person is chemically dependant on a drug, including alcohol, which they are using to alter their mood or mental state. Drug addiction is closely linked to mental illness for a number of reasons. When a person suffers…

Finding Healthy Outlets in Recovery

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Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long, complicated process that involves many life changes. A person in recovery will find themselves faced with a variety of obstacles in their long journey. One of the most challenging obstacles is finding a healthy way to deal with the powerful emotions that arise during recovery….

11 Facts About Mental Health

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Think mental health problems don’t affect you? Find out if you’re wrong. Learn the facts about the most common mental health myths.

Ultimate Willingness to Change is Necessary for Recovery

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The journey of recovery is different for everyone. What might work for one person, won’t work for another one when trying to achieve sobriety. Each person has a different story and different reasons why they became an addict. But one thing all people who successfully achieved recovery has done, is become willing to change. The…

Guide to Rehab Centers in California

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Substance abuse is a worldwide problem with addictions to both legal and illegal drugs becoming epidemics in certain areas. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for treatment centers for those who are suffering from an addiction to drugs. In the U.S. alone there are 14,500 specialized drug treatment facilities that help people quit their addictions…

Guide to Malibu Treatment for Addiction

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Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult process for many people but it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences that they will ever have. For those who have been involved in substance abuse for many years, one of the first steps they will take in recovery is acknowledging that…

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