Alumni Program

There are many stages to recovering from a substance use disorder. Addiction treatment programs are a major step, but completing a rehab program is only the start. Meeting your health goals is easier with ongoing support from an addiction alumni program. To learn about our addiction alumni program in Malibu, call Seasons in Malibu today at 424.235.2009.

What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

Several people in an addiction alumni program

Alumni programs are part of a comprehensive aftercare program. Aftercare is a way to receive continued support in the early stages of recovery. For example, many individuals move to a sober living facility once they complete treatment. This move provides an opportunity to create a strong foundation before returning to independent living.

While sober living situations are temporary, alumni programs offer lifelong support for those who wish to participate. Not all treatment facilities offer an alumni group, but they are becoming increasingly popular due to their benefits.

A rehab alumni program creates a central place for recent treatment program graduates to connect with one another. People who complete treatment together often create a strong bond that lasts long after they leave the program. Sharing personal stories and offering non-judgmental support is the basis for deep friendships not involving drinking or using substances.

Whether online or in person, interacting with an alumni group allows you to meet more people who graduated from your program. Participation helps keep you connected with the recovery community. You can learn about seminars, support groups, and special events that will enhance your recovery and allow you to stay in touch with old friends.

Benefits of Joining an Addiction Alumni Program

Addiction is a chronic disease that can be managed but not cured. Every person’s journey is different, but it is common for those in recovery to need the continued support of peers for many years after they complete treatment. The benefits of joining our addiction alumni program in Malibu are far-reaching and include the following:

  • Continued contact with treatment staff
  • Support and guidance of professionals who know you
  • Educational programs
  • Helping others who are new to recovery
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Help in connecting with local support groups
  • Ongoing support from trusted peers
  • Networking
  • Invitations to special events hosted by the treatment center

Each program maintains its own guidelines for its alumni group. While benefits may vary, participation has been shown to increase long-term recovery success and improve client outcomes. Individuals who have struggled with multiple relapses may especially benefit from the ongoing support found in an alumni group.

Who Can Join the Addiction Alumni Program in Malibu?

Joining our alumni program is easy. If you have completed one of our treatment programs and are dedicated to staying healthy, you can sign up for the alumni program. There is no special or exclusionary selection process. You have earned your place as an alumnus if you’ve graduated from treatment and wish to continue giving and receiving support from peers.

If you relapse or are not able to participate for some time, you are still welcome. In fact, people who experience relapse or drift away from their recovery program may benefit the most from the support of an alumni program. Not only will you receive support from peers, but sharing your challenges and successes will also inspire others.

Learn More About the Rehab Alumni Program at Seasons in Malibu

Completing an addiction treatment program is an amazing accomplishment. Creating an aftercare program that helps you remain strong in your recovery is the next step in the journey. Joining our addiction alumni program in Malibu offers many benefits that may assist you in living a healthy, sober life.

Call Seasons in Malibu at 424.235.2009 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and the benefits of our alumni program.