About Seasons in Malibu

About Seasons in Malibu

Addiction and mental health disorders often occur in tandem, with one condition fueling the effects of the other. To effectively treat both of these disorders, a program must include a dual diagnosis with extensive mental health treatment to begin to heal any emotional or psychological damage. As a leading provider of high-end dual diagnosis treatment in Southern California, Seasons in Malibu offers programs and services to help people find the inner strength they need to improve their lives.

At Seasons in Malibu, we are committed to providing high-quality addiction and mental health treatment for people who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. We employ a team of experienced professionals that have over a decade of working together. If you’re interested in learning more about our Seasons in Malibu addiction treatment center, reach out to our friendly team today online or at 424.235.2009.

About Seasons in Malibu’s Luxurious Facility

Our campus is located on a bluff in Malibu, CA, just outside of Los Angeles. Seasons in Malibu provides one-of-a-kind ocean views and easy access to the beach. We have designed a welcoming environment that uses our natural surroundings as a setting for group and individual therapy sessions. Our Seasons in Malibu team is proud to help people identify their addiction and mental health issues and work collaboratively to create an individualized treatment plan to begin a recovery journey.

Activities at Seasons in Malibu

During their time at Seasons in Malibu, our clients have access to numerous holistic activities, which help them embrace their new, healthy lifestyles. As they progress through their treatment plan at Seasons in Malibu, they have the opportunity to try new activities or rediscover old hobbies that were neglected due to poor mental health or addiction.

The activities offered at Seasons in Malibu include but aren’t limited to:

  • Yoga
  • Beach walks
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Meditation
  • Equine therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Massage

Treatment Programs at Seasons in Malibu

Every person is unique, so treatment for addiction and mental health disorders should be customized to fit the needs of each individual. At Seasons in Malibu, our team works with each client to determine which treatment programs are best for their recovery.

Our treatment programs at Seasons in Malibu include:

Medical Management

Our Seasons in Malibu team is qualified to administer medication to help our clients safely and comfortably overcome the initial stages of treatment and ease any withdrawal symptoms. Individual medication management plans begin with a thorough assessment of information such as medical history, amount of drug or alcohol use, and the existence of mental health disorders.

Family Diagnosis

When someone deals with mental health and addiction issues, relationships with family members are often damaged or destroyed. The family diagnosis program at Seasons in Malibu helps reestablish connections among family members and explore how to communicate more efficiently with each other.

Relapse Prevention

 We want to set our clients up for success in recovery for years after they’ve left our doors. Our relapse prevention program teaches healthy coping strategies so that our clients won’t fall back into old patterns of behavior.

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It can be intimidating and overwhelming for people dealing with addiction and mental health disorders to reach out for help. Unfortunately, this means that many people never receive the treatment they need and deserve. At Seasons in Malibu, our team provides comprehensive care for addiction and mental health disorders that uplifts and empowers our clients. If you or someone you care about is struggling with their mental health or addiction issues, our team is ready to help. Learn more about Seasons in Malibu’s addiction treatment center by calling us at 424.235.2009 or emailing us at admissions@seasonsmalibu.com.