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Drug Detox Program

Drug Detox Treatment

A man in a drug detox program

Successfully recovering from substance use disorders depends on many factors, but the most important one is the quality of an individual’s treatment experience. When you’re choosing from among a variety of addiction treatment programs, it can be hard to know which option will lead to lasting results.

Seasons in Malibu has the reputation and client outcomes you want to see in the treatment program you choose. Our drug detox center in Malibu helps clients complete detox and successfully transition into the residential program that can lead to lasting change. Call 424.235.2009 today to learn more about the life-changing treatment programs offered at Seasons in Malibu.

Learn More About Our Drug Detox Center

Detox is the first step to overcoming substance use disorders. As a client goes through detox, they’ll likely experience considerable physical and emotional discomfort. Transitioning away from substance use is a courageous and life-altering decision—but it isn’t easy.

Our drug detox program in Malibu achieves success by ensuring that clients are supported in every way during this vulnerable transitional period. From day one at our drug detox center in Malibu, clients receive holistic support that will allow them to successfully complete the drug detox program and move forward to the next stage of treatment.

Our luxurious world-class detox facilities are designed to maximize comfort as clients undergo the detox period that leads to a life free from substance use. In addition to caring, attentive staff and careful supervision, we make detox safer by using FDA-approved medications. They are proven to effectively help reduce the pain, discomfort, and withdrawal symptoms associated with drug detox.

How Our Drug Detox Program Works

Treatment at our drug detox center begins with a thorough evaluation by our experienced substance use treatment team. First, we craft an individualized treatment plan. This includes suggestions for the therapies, activities, and medication that will be most likely to facilitate an individual client’s recovery.

Most clients complete our drug detox program in around five days. During this time, a client lives in our luxurious, resort-style detox center and receives continual care and supervision. We monitor clients for complications related to both physical and mental health and have medical staff on call available to promptly intervene if needed. Once the detox program is complete, a client is ready to begin the process of overcoming substance use disorder by beginning one of our residential treatment programs.

Why Clients Choose Our Drug Detox Program in Malibu

Seasons in Malibu has a reputation for combining luxury, resort-style amenities with some of the most effective addiction treatment methods available. We have one of the highest client success rates in the country. Our holistic approach to treating substance use disorder helps clients achieve the growth and healing that serve as a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.

Elements that make treatment at Seasons in Malibu unique include:

  • Innovative technologies like neurofeedback
  • Doctoral-level therapists
  • Luxury, resort-style amenities
  • Beachfront views
  • Immersive experiences like horseback riding and surfing
  • Unique experiential therapies like shamanic healing and fitness therapy
  • Leading-edge holistic treatment models

Our blend of innovative technologies, doctoral-level therapy sessions, luxury amenities, and unique, experience-focused treatment methodologies work together to contribute to our unparalleled success in the field of substance use treatment.

Begin Healing Today with a Drug Detox Program at Seasons in Malibu

Are you ready to embark on a new way of life? If so, Seasons in Malibu offers the support that can help you succeed. From cooking therapy to hypnotherapy, our broad array of experiential treatment methods ensures that every client has access to unique substance use treatment methods that can lead to healing and lasting recovery. Take your first step toward healing today. Call 424.235.2009 and then ask to learn more about the drug detox program at Seasons in Malibu.