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Addiction Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs for Addiction

At Seasons in Malibu, our team provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol non-12-step rehab treatment program for men and women. We employ a systemic approach to work with each client to assess the underlying causes of addiction and develop a plan for treatment and aftercare. If you or someone you care about is interested in learning more about our range of addiction treatment programs in Malibu, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team online or at 424.235.2009.

Medical Management

Our addiction rehab programs in Malibu begin with and stay focused on the medical aspect of addiction. Effective and complete detoxification from drugs and alcohol is the first step on the road to recovery. Our Seasons in Malibu staff includes a detox specialist who is also a medical doctor with extensive experience helping patients safely detoxify from alcohol, opiates, and other drugs. Next, we work with each client to create a personalized treatment plan. Individual plans begin with an assessment made up of a comprehensive medical history, plus input by a board-certified physician.

Family Diagnosis

Family dynamics play a significant role in treating the client, and our Seasons in Malibu team believes in building assessment of this background into our program. There is no blame attributed to the family, but the disease of addiction is a family disease affecting all members. That’s why we work with clients and their families in our addiction treatment programs in Malibu to understand family behavior patterns. The goal is to discover alternatives and solutions that can lead to a healthier outcome.

The process of family assessment includes, among other things:

  • Intervention at the family level
  • A treatment plan assessment and recommendations
  • Systemic treatment and education for the entire family unit
  • Group sessions and experiential programs

Relapse Prevention

At Seasons in Malibu, we believe that specific training to prevent relapse is a key to successful long-term recovery. All our clients receive weekly training in relapse prevention as part of our addiction treatment programs in Malibu, using a cognitive-behavioral strategy to combat addiction. By detecting and preventing compulsive and high-risk behavior, we reduce the chance of relapse. Our clients learn to recognize these patterns and, through commitment to the training, find new ways of coping with challenging situations that may have triggered harmful behaviors in the past.

Aftercare Treatment Program

Aftercare planning is a vital part of treatment, as people in recovery face the challenge of reentering everyday life. It is essential to understand that the recovery process doesn’t end with residential treatment. Many of the skills learned during treatment at Seasons in Malibu are intended to train clients for this post-treatment transition stage, where the hard work really begins. Our aftercare program is meant to help clients avoid falling into old behavior patterns once they leave the safety of our addiction treatment center in Malibu.

Each client makes a readiness-to-leave-treatment presentation in front of staff and fellow clients.

All new residents are assigned a caring and compassionate client advocate. The client advocate helps each resident stick to their path toward long-term recovery and sobriety. Client advocates are essential resources to empower our clients to do the work of recovery, make the commitment, and accept the life-altering treatment that will improve their lives and futures.

Choose Seasons in Malibu for Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programs

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