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    The Beach Cottage at Seasons in Malibu is a stand-alone facility that offers life-changing treatment for individuals suffering with mental health disorders. Licensed by the State of California and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Beach Cottage offers doctorate level, one-on-one therapy in an intimate, luxurious, residential setting, steps away from a private beach. It’s one of the top rehab centers for mental health.

    Individuals who complete our mental health treatment program are overwhelmingly happy with the results of the care they receive here. More than ninety-five percent of them say they would refer a loved one or family member seeking mental health treatment to us. We believe the fact that clients overwhelmingly recommend us is proof of the quality of treatment and compassion new clients can expect when coming to The Beach Cottage at Seasons in Malibu.

    Types of Mental Health Disorders We Treat

    Welcome to Seasons Mental Health Rehab Facility in Malibu

    Are you in need of a Luxury Mental Health Program in California? At Seasons in Malibu, we understand that mental health is a long-ignored component of our overall health. The emphasis on recovery for individuals becomes sidelined due to the heavy focus on addiction in most treatment environments. Discover our mental health treatment facilities and our luxury drug rehab centers.

    Seasons in Malibu offers a world-class PRIMARY mental health rehab program designed to address your specific disorder and restore you back to your best self (learn more about the best rehabilitation center in Southern California).