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    The Seasons in Malibu admissions process is based on our philosophy of respecting our clients and their loved ones, as well as ensuring that their specific needs are met. When you call our team at 424.235.2009, you will be contacting a trained admissions counselor who can personally take you through the process of admission to the addiction or mental health treatment programs at Seasons in Malibu. Or, you can contact our admissions counselors online to learn more about the in-take process by emailing us at

    Our Seasons in Malibu Admissions Counselors

    Your admissions counselor will stay with you from that first phone call until you arrive at our Malibu treatment campus.

    During the addiction treatment admissions process, our counselors will:

    • Explain the fee structure of treatment and policies of payment and insurance support
    • Help you arrange transportation to Seasons and any assistance in transport
    • Describe what to bring with you to our Malibu rehab and what to leave at home
      Answer any other questions you may have

    Upon arrival, your admissions counselor will personally greet you and assist you through the initial rehab and mental health treatment admissions process. Accompanying your admissions counselor at your arrival will be one of our skilled and compassionate client advocates. Your client advocate will give you an orientation, provide you with the materials required for your treatment program, and explain your schedule while in treatment.

    Tour Our Facility

    You will be given a tour of our beautiful campus, which overlooks one of Malibu’s most beautiful beaches. Throughout your stay at our luxury drug rehab, our staff will strive to ensure you get what you need and that your treatment is flawlessly executed. Our client advocates will get you settled into your room, help you know what you can expect to happen, and be available day and night if you have any questions. You will never be without a way to ask for help or get your questions answered during your time with us.

    Within a short time after arrival, you will have a medical assessment done by one of our medical doctors, who will supervise any detoxification required and give specific instructions to our staff and the client regarding their detox. Our team will take the doctor’s orders and execute them with attention to detail and care. Depending on your addiction, the quantity of use, and your substance of choice, including dangerous prescription drugs, you may be resting more during the first few days after arrival. We intend to get you up and moving through treatment as quickly and comfortably as possible, but we want you to take whatever rest you need first.

    When you experience your first meal at Seasons in Malibu, you will discover another of our differences from other residential treatment centers. Our executive chefs give the quality of food and the gourmet attention to quality, taste, freshness, and health in each meal they create. There are plenty of snacks and drinks between meals to keep you hydrated, focused, and healthy.

    All the while, a treatment team, including doctors, psychologists, and holistic practitioners, will be meeting frequently together to focus on your individual treatment program. They will constantly be honing and fine-tuning your individual program for maximum effect to speed you on your way to long-term sobriety.

    Begin Recovery by Contacting Seasons in Malibu Admissions Today

    Come to Seasons in Malibu and tour our facility, meet with our clinical staff, and find out for yourself why our personalized, one-on-one approach to addiction and mental health treatment makes us one of the best drug rehab centers for you or a loved one. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or mental health concerns, please call one of our caring admissions counselors now at 424.235.2009 for a free, no-obligation conversation about how Seasons in Malibu. You can also email our admissions counselors at