Polysubstance Abuse Treatment

Therapy for Polysubstance Abuse

Younger adults and people living with a co-occurring mental health disorder are at a greater risk of polysubstance abuse. The Centers for Disease Control report that nearly half of all fatal drug overdoses in the U.S. involve multiple drugs. To learn more about substance abuse treatment options, call Seasons in Malibu today at 424.235.2009.

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

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Polysubstance abuse, also known as polysubstance use disorder (PUD), refers to the deliberate combination of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs for the purpose of decreasing or increasing the drugs’ effects.

Symptoms of polysubstance abuse can vary according to which substances are being used. Some of the general warning signs to be aware of include:

  • Building a tolerance to substances
  • Needing to use larger amounts to reach the desired effects
  • Cravings to use substances
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms between uses
  • Being unable to control substance use
  • Isolating
  • Suffering consequences of substance abuse but continuing to use drugs
  • Declining mental health

Mixing substances is not an uncommon practice. A study published by the American Public Health Association concluded that a large majority of study participants who were addicted to opioids also used non-opioid substances simultaneously.

The Dangers of Polysubstance Abuse

When they are abused, drugs—including prescription medications—harm the body and can make existing health issues worse. The effects of polysubstance abuse can be both short- and long-term. Potential health complications include:

  • Brain injury
  • Heart attack
  • Liver damage
  • Overdose
  • Seizure
  • Stroke

The exact health risks vary by person and depend on which substances are being abused. Mixing two or more stimulants can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack while mixing depressants increases the risk of brain damage.

Polysubstance Abuse and Mental Health

All types of substance use can make mental health conditions worse. Drugs and alcohol may seem to alleviate symptoms initially, but the changes substances can make in the brain can have a negative impact on mental health in the long run.

When the effects of substances wear off, symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other disorders can worsen. This leads to a cycle of more substance abuse. And polysubstance abuse creates an even greater risk.

Anyone with a substance use disorder should seek treatment, but getting help can be even more crucial for those with a preexisting mental health condition. If you think someone you care about who is living with a mental health issue is abusing drugs, contact us for polysubstance abuse treatment in Malibu as soon as possible.

What to Expect from a Polysubstance Abuse Rehab Program

The first step in any drug treatment program is detoxification. We highly recommend medical supervision during detox for polysubstance abuse rehab program clients. Remember that people who are abusing two or more substances have a higher risk for severe withdrawal symptoms.

A comprehensive polysubstance addiction treatment program gives clients the tools they need to build new coping skills and address the reasons they turned to substance use in the first place. Therapies for polysubstance abuse treatment include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Peer support groups

Individuals with co-occurring disorders will receive treatments, including medications, to help them manage their mental health, as well as any medical conditions.

Find Compassionate Polysubstance Addiction Treatment at Seasons in Malibu

Abusing substances can be dangerous, but polysubstance abuse can place you at an even higher risk of fatal overdose and serious health complications. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can help you effectively overcome polysubstance addiction.

If you’re looking for polysubstance abuse treatment in Malibu, turn to Seasons in Malibu. We understand the difficulties involved with seeking treatment. Our multidimensional approach to treatment is personalized and evidence-based, and we provide world-class treatment with luxury amenities. Now is the time to stop addiction from ruling your life. Contact Seasons in Malibu today at 424.235.2009 to learn more about recovery.