Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

An Approach to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The most effective addiction therapy programs include a variety of treatments to address a client’s individual needs. One treatment option that has proven beneficial for many clients is participation in a cognitive-behavioral therapy program. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that can support people with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders in their recovery journeys. Call Seasons in Malibu at 424.235.2009 or online to learn more about the many benefits of CBT for addiction treatment.

How Does a CBT Program in Malibu Work?

A therapist listening during a cognitive-behavioral therapy program

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a widely studied treatment for understanding how your thoughts can influence your behavior. It is a goal-oriented approach that is considered short-term. Unlike traditional forms of talk therapy that can continue for months or even years, CBT is typically limited to 10 to 20 sessions.

Underlying beliefs can influence the way you think, shaping your mood and behaviors even when you don’t realize it. CBT helps clients recognize their unproductive thoughts and examine whether they are accurate depictions of real life. For example, a person with an addiction disorder may feel no one truly cares about them. This belief can provide a reason or the permission to continue abusing substances. Cognitive-behavioral therapy challenges these types of perceptions. If it turns out that belief is false, the next step in a CBT program is to learn new strategies that align with reality. In this example, when the client recognizes that some people care about them very deeply, they can then focus on changing their behavior to match that truth.

CBT has been found effective for treating a number of conditions, including:

  • Substance use disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be highly effective on its own, but our cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Malibu is typically combined with other therapies that are shown to be beneficial for addiction treatment.

What to Expect from CBT for Addiction Treatment

Our CBT program in Malibu may include group, family, or one-on-one therapy sessions. During the first session, you can expect the therapist to ask several questions in an effort to fully understand your situation. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and build a relationship with your therapist. Unlike some traditional therapies, CBT does not require an excessive amount of talking about the past or diving deep into old issues. Some foundation for understanding is needed, but our CBT program in Malibu focuses mainly on the present, not the past.

Steps to expect in your cognitive-behavioral therapy program include:

  • Identifying the current distressing situations in your life.
  • Increasing your awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions related to these situations.
  • Identifying inaccurate or destructive thinking patterns.
  • Reshaping inaccurate thinking patterns.

Exactly how many sessions it takes to work through these steps depends on several factors. The severity of your disorder, your stress levels, how much support you’re receiving, and how open you are to self-examination and growth will all make a difference.

Getting the Most from CBT

To receive the most benefits from CBT, it’s important to be willing to help make it a success. Being open and honest about your issues is a great start. Sticking to the recommended treatment plan and having patience with yourself are also essential. CBT includes “homework” that clients can practice in-between sessions. Ensuring you perform all the activities recommended by your therapist will help you reap the rewards of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Consider a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program in Malibu Today

If you or someone you care about needs the support of a world-class addiction treatment program, Seasons in Malibu is here to help. We offer all levels of care in a luxury facility, with doctorate-level counselors and psychiatrists on our team. For more information about our programs, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, contact Seasons in Malibu at 424.235.2009 today.