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admission counselorWe are committed to providing guidance for addiction recovery to anyone who needs it. Seasons in Malibu is a premiere treatment center. We are absolutely familiar with the challenges and fears that can come with taking action on the decision to reach out for help. The devoted admissions specialists at Seasons in Malibu are here for you seven days a week, 24-hours a day to help you make the initial steps toward changing your life. If you or a loved one are ready to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, we promise you discretion and attentiveness throughout the entire admissions process.

Are you confused or anxious about any part of the recovery process? We speak with people in your position every day, and are here to offer you the answers you need to begin your journey toward sobriety with confidence. We will detail for you exactly what steps you’ll take at every stage of your stay here, as well as talk to you about why our program looks at the whole person, and is thus uniquely effective.

Many potential clients and loved ones come to us with concerns about whether their insurance will cover their treatment. We are happy to work with you by taking a look at your plan and giving you a good idea of how much of your treatment you can expect to have covered by your policy. It is completely normal to be apprehensive about making the call to seek care for addiction. Our counselors are incredibly patient and knowledgeable and will make sure that you feel comfortable and informed when talking about your treatment plan here. You can talk to our admissions counselors about things like:

» The costs and payment structure
» If your health insurance can be used for treatment
» Transportation options
» The process and benefits of inpatient rehab centers
» What special amenities Seasons offers

And, of course, you will be invited to visit and tour our beautiful Malibu recovery center. Steps away from Malibu Beach, witness firsthand what life at Seasons in Malibu will be like while you are a client of ours.

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We are a treatment center that offers therapy for co-occurring disorders in an upscale setting. The prestigious staff at Seasons of Malibu has a wealth of experience in treating dependence to a wide range of substances, including alcohol, amphetamines, and prescription painkillers.

Seasons in Malibu takes great pride in the success and happiness of our clients. Previous clients emphatically report that they would encourage a friend who was struggling with addiction to seek treatment with us. This commitment to client satisfaction and long-term wellness is what sets us apart as a top-tier rehab facility.

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