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  • Malibu Rehab: Involving Families

    If someone within a family is suffering from an alcohol problem, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects the entire family. Experts in Malibu rehab know how important family is as a factor in addiction recovery and they always take this into account during addiction treatment. Seasons in Malibu treats not just the alcoholic, but also helps to educate and support the entire family. This ensures everyone involved understands addiction on a deeper level and can do their best to help the addict be successful.

    Including the Family Helps Create Success

    Research has shown at Malibu rehab that including the family helps to increase the level of success in the addiction treatment process. Family treatment is seen an integral part of addiction rehabilitation by addiction experts like those at Seasons in Malibu, where programs for family members are part of the foundation of recovery. Family members often do not realize how much they become enablers for the addict and we make sure teach all those involved how to recognize and reverse such behaviors.

    Malibu Rehab Supports the Entire Family

    Treating the entire family helps to change the pattern of addiction and helps improve relationships by making everyone fully aware of particular triggers that lead to addictive behavior. Statistics have shown that as much as a third of all US families have someone in the family who is an alcoholic. Malibu rehab center itself understands that addicts are a part of a group and their behavior affects everyone around them. This is what makes it so important to include family members in therapy.

    However, the addict themselves still must go through the process of detox, as well as receiving any other needed medical and mental evaluations and help during their stay at Seasons in Malibu. The process to heal the addicted person starts immediately at our facility with a complete medical assessment and then a development of an individualized personal program with reassessments done every week to adjust their program according to the progress made.

    What to Expect from Family Treatment

    Malibu rehab methods include things like trauma assessment, basic drug education, psychotherapy, introducing the patient to community support available in their area, aftercare consisting of post treatment and alumni events, weekly phone calls, and chances to intern or volunteer at Seasons in Malibu to help other addicts. There are also special therapies like acupuncture and massage for the patient, as believe it is important to treat their body and their spirit throughout recovery.

    Families are a key element in helping an addicted person to succeed in their journey to quit an addiction and become a healthier and more positive member of their community. At Seasons in Malibu we make sure families are involved in the treatment of our patients so that they can achieve the highest level of success through Malibu rehab services.