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Painkiller Addiction Treatment

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  • A man in painkiller addiction treatmentPainkiller addiction is one of the hardest types of addiction to overcome. Without seeking the type of support offered by substance abuse treatment programs, painkiller addiction destroys your quality of life and health and can even be fatal.

    Seasons in Malibu offers world-class painkiller addiction treatment in Malibu. We take a multidimensional approach to substance use disorder treatment. In the process, we blend unique experiential therapies with innovative treatment modalities.

    To learn more about our programs, call 424.235.2009 and ask about our luxury painkiller addiction treatment center and the programs offered at Seasons in Malibu.

    Choosing the Right Painkiller Addiction Treatment in Malibu 

    Painkiller addiction can be incredibly difficult to overcome. In fact, painkiller use can easily lead to a dangerous or fatal overdose. When your life’s on the line, you want to know that you’ve chosen the most effective painkiller addiction treatment available.

    For more than 15 years, Seasons in Malibu has succeeded in helping clients in a manner unparalleled by other painkiller treatment programs. Our luxury treatment center offers ocean views of Malibu Beach, and our architecture and design elements were modeled after world-class spas and resorts from around the world.

    We’ve been recognized by national organizations like Consumer Affairs and Newsweek. Also, we’re proud that our clients report a 95% client satisfaction rate and unusually high levels of continued recovery.

    What to Expect from Our Painkiller Rehab Program 

    As a comprehensive treatment program, Seasons in Malibu offers all levels of care to ensure that clients are supported at every stage of their recovery journey. Treatment at our painkiller addiction treatment center typically follows the path of:

    • Detox program
    • Residential treatment program
    • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
    • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
    • Alumni aftercare

    We also offer specific treatment tracks designed to address unique client needs. These include:

    • Executive rehab for professionals
    • Dual-diagnosis treatment
    • Women’s rehab
    • Men’s rehab
    • Sober companion program
    • Substance-specific treatment programs

    Traditional, evidence-based therapies should be the foundation of any substance use treatment program. Seasons in Malibu bases our approach to treatment on these established modalities—with an upgrade.

    Our clients benefit from doctoral-level, one-on-one therapy sessions, with the option of attending as many as 65 individual sessions a month.

    Instead of standard family therapy sessions, we offer an entire systemic family treatment program to ensure that clients and their loved ones receive the support needed to heal relationship challenges and build a solid foundation for a new way of relating to one another.

    Innovative Therapies We Offer at Our Painkiller Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu

    Every treatment center claims to offer experiential therapies, but at Seasons in Malibu, experiential treatment forms the heart of how we encourage holistic healing for our clients.

    Some of our more innovative therapies rarely found at other painkiller addiction treatment centers include:

    • Shamanic healing
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Dream therapy
    • Recovery through acting therapy
    • Cooking therapy
    • Creative writing
    • Dream therapy
    • Equine therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Thai massage
    • Surfing
    • Kayaking
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Neurofeedback

    By connecting clients to the broadest possible offering of therapy modalities, we’re better able to meet the unique needs of each client. This leads to the healing and growth required to make a lasting recovery from substance use.

    Learn More About the Painkiller Rehab Program at Seasons in Malibu

    Painkiller addiction doesn’t resolve on its own, but the world-class care offered at Seasons in Malibu helps clients successfully overcome substance use at a rate that simply isn’t achieved by other treatment centers.

    Providing world-class treatment is the goal of Seasons in Malibu and our distinctions and client success rate show that we know how to achieve it.

    Don’t wait to take the first step in overcoming painkiller addiction. Instead, call 424.235.2009 today to learn more about beginning your recovery journey at Seasons in Malibu.