“I've been through 15 treatment centers, psych hospitals and institutions. I learned so much from Seasons about myself that wasn't addressed at other facilities. Issues that needed to be dealt with on a one on one level. Thank you Seasons for helping me and my family.”
Carl B, New York

Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment


Drugs and alcohol do not mix well, especially when consumed simultaneously. If someone’s idea of fun involves a cocktail of alcohol and narcotics, he or she may need some help. The use of medication as prescribed and the occasional drink or two may be harmless, but the regular consumption of drugs and alcohol may lead to problems that will leave lasting effects on an individual’s health and way of life. The adverse affects of drugs and alcohol may not be evident at first and may only manifest when it is too late. Alcohol and drug abuse treatment also becomes more difficult the longer one forgoes it. It is vital that addicts admit the existence of a problem as soon as it arises so it can be addressed promptly and quickly. Often, some encouraging may be needed because the line between social use, substance abuse, and addiction is hard to define.

More people each year are going to Malibu rehabs to undergo alcohol and drug abuse treatment due to their accessibility. Long term rehabs and treatment programs have become common due to people turning to different substances when they cannot cope with the difficulties of everyday living. Some use these substances recreationally — to enhance pleasurable sensations or to alter their state of consciousness, usually in the company of friends or acquaintances. Nowadays, it is hard to find a party or celebration where alcohol is not present. Also, people do not pay attention to how much or how often they drink until it causes a problem or a disease. This often inadvertently leads to alcoholism or addiction, which could have been avoided.

Seasons In Malibu provides alcohol and drug abuse treatment for people from all walks of life. We believe there is no age limit when it comes to addiction treatment, and we are prepared to help all addicts committed to getting sober and leading fulfilling lives. Recovery will be a challenging event in an addict’s life, but the experienced and competent staff at Seasons will guide you every step of the way and make sure you overcome all obstacles in your journey to sobriety. Information is a very powerful tool. Seasons will equip you with the necessary information so that you can make informed choices and stay away from a relapse and from addiction. We guarantee success with our innovative alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs. If you ever find yourself falling off the wagon after checking out of our facility, all you have to do is come back. We will help you free of charge; no questions asked.