In October 12, 2016

Anyone who has ever loved or cared about someone with alcohol or drug addiction problems knows how hard it is for their loved one to finally admit they have a problem. And, in some cases, the problem becomes so extreme and out-of-control that it truly becomes a matter of life and death to convince that individual to get help. This is when an intervention might need to be staged.

An intervention is when people orchestrate a meeting with an individual they believe to be ruining their life or marriage because of serious drug or alcohol use. The subject of the intervention is usually confronted by many close people, friends and family members, who will recite to the individual why addiction is so destructive and why they have come together to have this intervention.

They may issue ultimatums, and the meetings sometimes become highly charged and emotional. This is why having a professional interventionist present to supervise the meeting and keep everyone on the same page, with the same goal, is very important. At heart, an intervention will force the individual to truly face the costs of their addiction, such as:

  • Losing custody of children
  • Being cut off from friends and family
  • Losing their livelihood
  • Going to jail
  • Facing the devastating health risks

An interventionist will generally meet with the people staging the intervention beforehand and create a plan so that the intervention has the highest chance of success. If you believe that a loved one is in need of an intervention, you can contact Seasons in Malibu to find out more about the process and to speak with one of our interventionists. By doing so, you may actually save someone’s life.