Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health is a long-ignored component of our overall health. The emphasis on recovery for individuals becomes sidelined due to the heavy focus on addiction in most treatment environments. Seasons is excited to offer a PRIMARY mental health program designed to address your specific disorder and restore you back to your best self.

Addiction often is the result of the patient self-medicating deeper mental health concerns. These could be:

  • Mood disorders such as major depression and anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD and complex trauma
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Disorders related to poor impulse management and compulsions (e.g., gambling, sex, or internet addiction)
  • Character disorders

Recognizing the Need for Mental Health Treatment

Seasons understands that mental health is a long-ignored component of our overall wellness. The recognition by insurance carriers as well as our own government regarding the severity of mental illness has long been overdue. Unlike a physical problem that leads us to receive medical care, an individual with a mental health diagnosis cannot simply go in, take a blood test and receive a diagnosis. Moreover, the symptoms for a mental health diagnosis has a series of compounding variables creating smoke screens, or alternate ideas about what might be going on for an individual. Individuals can “mask” their symptoms for years if not decades in some cases. Unlike an injury, mental health is often invisible and not addressed until there has been some event or chronic issue creating debilitating problems in one life. The stigma regarding mental health still permeates, continuing to make it challenging for individuals to freely ask for help. The threat of being perceived as “sick” or criticized for not managing one’s emotions better, further leads individual’s to hide what is really going on.

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How Mental Health Treatment Works at Seasons

The emphasis on recovery for individuals becomes sidelined due to the heavy focus on addiction in most treatment environments. Seasons is excited to offer a PRIMARY mental health program designed to address your specific disorder and restore you back to your best self. Mental health does not occur in a vacuum: The impacts of an individual’s symptoms can reach loved ones, co-workers and friends. Mental health can leave you feeling, confused, hopeless, exhausted and desperate to do anything to make the negative impacts of mental illness go away. Seasons has seven critical approaches to ensuring your optimal health.

Dual diagnosis, also known as “co-occurring disorders,” is a clinical term utilized for individuals that require treatment for an addiction and an underlying mental health disorder. There appears to be a large gap in recovery because many treatment centers fail to address the dual diagnosis client with appropriate interventions and treatment planning. Seasons in Malibu recognizes the specific nuances in symptoms of dual diagnosis and is an industry leader when it comes to integrating competent and cutting edge care.

Often with dual diagnosis clients, the use of a substance can be the symptom of the underlying issue. By taking careful consideration of the individual needs, our Malibu drug rehab center facilitates a strong foundation for clients requiring emotional management and behavioral self-regulation. In other words, a client gains a better understanding of why they do what they do, how they can help themselves to improve their functioning, and where they can go to get the ongoing resources to maintain success for the long-term.

Team Treatment

As a client, you can expect the Seasons’ highly educated treatment team to provide a comprehensive assessment, solution, and application of new coping skills when addressing dual diagnosis. Some underlying disorders can present as highly complex, requiring the integration of additional interventions, such as EMDR, DBT, or brain spotting. In some occasions, the client is also invited to sit with the entire treatment team to discuss their ongoing progress.

Focused Psycho-Pharmacology


Psychiatry and medication management can be an efficient way to support the dual diagnosis client. Research suggests that clients who utilize medication with therapy typically have a 50% higher chance of improving symptoms within a shorter amount of time. At Seasons in Malibu, we utilize a variety of assessment tools, including metabolic testing to ensure that any medication that is assigned will have the most efficient impact on a client’s individual system. Sometimes, medication is beneficial for short-term stabilization so that a client can feel some added comfort when working through difficult issues while in treatment.

We understand that medication use may not work for everyone and respect the client’s right to choose. That is why offering a comprehensive holistic adjunct to our program allows an opportunity for med-resistant or non-med-reliant clients to address their symptoms in an alternative way. Clients can expect a comprehensive overview of their medication plan, a clear understanding of why a medication is prescribed, and complete comfort in having the Medical Doctor available to them when needed to address needs.

Professional Case Management

Individuals entering treatment with dual diagnosis require specific responses in treatment resources and specialty therapists. At Seasons, each client is assigned an individual case manager. Their sole purpose is to ensure that your ongoing treatment plan is being integrated in an efficient way. Additionally, case managers can be an ally to a client’s physical and emotional recovery by linking their family, partners, and loved ones to resources, education, and opportunities to participate in a client’s treatment.

Patient-Focused Assessment and Referral

Every Seasons client receives a comprehensive assessment at our Malibu addiction center. This allows the professional treatment team to determine not only the specific emotional and behavioral needs of the client, but make considerations for alternative higher level treatment if necessary. In other words, if we are not an appropriate setting for the level of care required, we will ensure that the priority becomes the welfare of the client’s outcome, not our necessity to fill beds. That is why we count on our Medical Doctors to be the foremost experts in ensuring the competency of care provided. This is both our ethical and professional responsibility for every individual.


If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, please call our Malibu treatment center to have a free, no-obligation and confidential conversation with one of our caring admissions counselors about how Seasons in Malibu can help.


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