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Seasons Malibu is a world-class luxury rehabilitation center that has helped many people overcome their addictions to drug and alcohol. Seasons started with the idea that addiction treatments could be made more effective and addiction is completely treatable for anyone with the proper resources and dedication. Additionally Seasons Malibu is a luxury rehab center, committed to creating a world-class environment for patients so that they can focus solely on their recovery. There are many unique benefits to attending a luxury recovery center, and it goes beyond just the glossy surface one might expect. Seasons prides itself in providing a rigorous addiction treatment program individual tailored to each client, which includes:

  • Comprehensive individual assessment and treatment
  • Therapy for co-occurring disorders
  • A client advocate for each patient to oversee the efficacy of the treatment program

These are all trademarks of Seasons that may not be available at non-luxury rehab centers. Most of all Seasons strives to provide compassionate and ethical treatment to all patients, regardless of background or previous issues. A diverse and warm culture is found at Seasons, where our mission is to help re-integrate people back into society addiction-free so that they can reach their full potential in life. We also believe that addiction is a crisis that can be the beginning of profound change in people’s lives, where families can be brought together again, and a person can find a renewed sense of purpose that had previously been missing.

What makes a treatment center a luxury rehab?

People may think of celebrities when they hear the term luxury rehab, but in fact luxury rehab is suitable for anyone dedicated to receiving the highest quality inpatient care. Luxury rehab sets itself apart from regular rehab in several ways, including geographic location, high-end facilities, and an impressive offering of holistic treatments. A luxury rehab center is similar to comparing a luxury hotel to a regular one, in terms of the accommodations and staff providing the highest quality experience and service. Even the food a patient will be served will be exceptional, prepared by Cordon Bleu-trained chefs, they will be served gourmet meals while enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean.

In addition to the facilities, the variety of services are meant to go beyond what is traditionally offered and also encompass the latest and most relevant treatment methods. At Seasons the staff is constantly pushing themselves to stay at the forefront of addiction treatment therapies. As a result people who receive treatment at a luxury rehab facility will feel more comfortable and at ease by the warm and hospitable surroundings. They will also benefit from the one-on-one treatment a luxury recovery center can provide its patients, while enjoying the gorgeous Malibu location.

What amenities should I expect from a luxury rehab?

As previously mentioned, one of the trademarks of a luxury recovery center is the wonderful amenities it provides their patients. At Seasons, we are also located in Malibu, overlooking the world famous Zuma Beach, so are able to provide daily access to a gorgeous beach. Besides that, patients have an amazing variety of amenities to choose from during their stay. These include activities that will contribute to holistic healing. Many of these holistic therapies would only be available at luxury rehab facilities.

  • Craniosacral Therapy: A form of alternative therapy that involves light, therapeutic touches to the body to release tension.
  • Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy is based around the concept of helping the patient achieve a higher state of awareness, where the patient will be guided to gain control over the addiction.
  • Equine Therapy: This involves utilizing horses to help people open themselves up to connecting with another living being.
  • Shamanic Healing: Shamanic healing circles that help patients access their spirituality on a deeper level.
  • Psychiatry: One-on-one treatment with a trained professional to manage medication and therapy counseling.
  • Cooking Therapy: A focus on preparing nutritional and healthy meals to enhance a person’s wellbeing.
  • Meditation: In a stressed-out modern society, meditation has increasingly become a popular practice. It helps the practitioner train the mind to relax the body and nurture internal energy.

Some people might be more drawn to some therapies over others, and on an individual basis a patient can work with the team at Seasons to craft a daily schedule.

And in addition to the wonderful amenities, the patient also will have complete access to the environment that only a luxury recovery center will offer. When a patient needs to unwind from a particularly intense day of treatment, one can take part in a range of fun and stimulating activities that include:

  • Hikes
  • Cooking classes
  • Walks on the beach
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Tennis

What makes an ideal location for a luxury addiction treatment center?

Location is another trademark of what sets luxury rehab apart from non-luxury rehab. Seasons is located near the beach in the beautiful and world-renowned beach community of Malibu. During their stay in Malibu, patients will receive the benefits of being near the water, and all the activities and spiritual benefits that come from spending time in a peaceful and tranquil environment.  It should also be emphasized that California is an ideal place to receive addiction treatment, because addiction professionals here are often on the cutting-edge of the latest, and most effective addiction treatments.

Luxury recovery centers, in general, should be located in areas near beaches or areas where there is a lush amount of nature, and limited traffic and pollution. Similar to a retreat, a luxury addiction center should be located in an area that is both beautiful and peaceful. With the emphasis on holistic treatments, luxury treatment facilities like Seasons want to ensure that the environment is conducive to patients feeling safe and peaceful. This will make sure that they are in the optimal state of mind to commit themselves fully to the challenging recovery journey they have ahead of them.

What if drug rehab is too expensive for me?

Because of the extra amenities, individualized care, and facilities, people might believe that luxury rehab is only reserved for the rich and famous, but in fact Seasons treats people from all walks of life, from students to CEOs, to many other occupations. Seasons encourages diversity in the community and anyone who desires top-quality addiction treatment should look into attending Seasons. 

Because addiction is a life-threatening illness, it should also be treated as one by insurance agencies. Seasons accepts most PPO insurances, and financial institutions can also work with patients to figure out a financing plan. There are many options that someone can access when handling drug rehab costs they only want to have the highest quality of addiction treatment, and Seasons can also negotiate different levels of pricing depending on the patient’s needs. Individuals should also keep in mind that paying for the best possible therapy now will result in big dividends in the future. Seasons provides an unparalleled environment, with a level of care and expertise that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Will my health insurance cover my stay at a drug rehab facility?

While every individual should consult with their insurance company about what they are willing to cover, generally insurance companies are beginning to understand that an untreated drug addiction can prove to be just as dangerous as any physical disease. So there is a good chance that an insurance company will cover the stay if provided by a referral from a primary physician. An individual seeking treatment should look into whether private or public insurance will cover their treatment. The good news is that since drug addiction is considered a very treatable condition, insurance companies will provide coverage for a wide range of drug addictions. By getting treatment now, patients will have a better chance of avoiding costly health problems throughout their lives caused by long-term drug use.

And even if insurance is not able to cover the entire costs, don’t lose hope, because there are other options. There might be payment plans available, and other financing or funding options. The bottom-line is that if someone is truly in need of top-quality addiction treatment, there should be a way to finance it.  

What should I expect from a luxury rehab center?

When someone first begins their inpatient rehab, they are beginning on an emotional and spiritual journey that will change their entire lives. They will feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement. At Seasons we always strive to go above and beyond the average to provide quality care.

When the patient first arrives at the facilities, a comprehensive evaluation will be performed on them by to create the individualized program of care for their specific issues. Once that is performed, the patient will start a detox from the drugs. This can be a very stressful time for the patient and will be carefully monitored by an attentive staff.

From there, after the individual has been detoxed, the family of the individual will also be assessed to see if a Family System Intervention is needed. And during this time, the patient will start utilizing some of the amenities offered at Seasons such as acupuncture or yoga to relax.

From there, then the more intensive counseling starts, where the patient will really tackle the causes and triggers of addiction. A trauma assessment will take place, and patients will also undergo relapse prevention training. And if it’s diagnosed that the family needs to be involved, then the Systemic Family Treatment therapy can begin. This involves bringing in a patient’s entire family to help heal the entire family unit, which in turn can be of great value to the patient in recovering from addiction.

In addition to the Systemic Family Treatment therapy, a patient can be assessed for co-occurring disorders, or a dual diagnosis. This refers to when a patient is suffering from another disorder besides addiction, such as being bipolar or anorexic. Seasons specializes in helping those with co-occurring disorders, which is crucial in helping a patient recover from an addiction.

A patient will also be assigned a client advocate, who will oversee the efficacy of the treatment program. Moreover, a patient will have someone there with them from start to finish, so that there will always be someone to advocate for them during the course of treatment.


Patients can also expect that they will have quality aftercare at Seasons. After finishing inpatient treatment, Seasons is dedicated to ensuring the patient has a smooth transition to regular life as possible. The patient will still have access to the counselors at Seasons, and most importantly, an aftercare program will be mapped out beforehand. A carefully prescribed after-plan may be neglected at other facilities, but at Seasons we understand how important it is for the patient to feel supported on every step of the recovery journey.

An aftercare plan will teach the patient how to deal with any relapses in the proper manner, withdrawal symptoms, and how to get involved with local support groups and 12-step programs that can be used as long-term support systems. Most of all, patients should never feel alone in their struggle to stay sober, because they’re not, and there’s many systems of support that can be accessed.

Seasons also can provide a sober companion to anyone who feels that they need a little extra reassurance during the first days of their transition. Basically, a patient who comes to Seasons can expect support every step of the way, even after leaving the facility.

Seasons truly believes that if you attend inpatient rehab with us, this will be the last admission you will need to attend an addiction recovery facility. We are committed to helping you achieve sobriety long-term, from counseling your entire family, to providing a well-planned aftercare program that will assist you in avoiding relapse. We also believe that addiction is a treatable disease and anyone who comes through our doors is deserving of respect, compassion, and hope.

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