Why Women Only Support Groups are Important

In August 15, 2018

Why Women Only Support Groups are Important

Support groups can be tailor-made for specific groups that are struggling with unique issues that they need to talk about in a safe space. In the same way that support groups can focus on certain problems such as alcoholism or abuse, they can also provide support for certain groups of people that need to be around others who are like them. Women only support groups can be vital for those who need an environment where they feel comfortable and can address their individual issues.

Women can have very different experiences than men in their life in general but especially when they deal with problems such as addiction or other issues. They can have unique difficulties such as the challenges they face being caregivers, balancing family and work, body image issues, sexual harassment or abuse, and other problems that they feel more comfortable discussing among other women. Women only groups provide people with a place to discuss the problems that are unique to women among others that can relate, empathize and provide valuable help.

It is important for people in recovery or facing other issues to have a place where they can speak with people that they trust. If someone feels too intimidated, embarrassed or afraid to discuss personal problems openly then the group will be less effective for them. A women-only group can be a great opportunity for women who might not feel comfortable enough in a co-ed setting.

Whatever problems a person is facing, having a place where they can share their feelings and stories with others can be very beneficial to their recovery. Along with other types of treatment, support groups can be part of effective rehabilitation. Gender-specific groups are a good option for anyone that needs extra support from people with similar experiences.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

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