What is Mindful Drinking?

In November 24, 2018

What is Mindful Drinking?

New trends in health and wellness are leading people to cut back on their drinking habits especially for those who are interested in moderation or sobriety. People who have non-problematic drinking behavior but who want to reduce their alcohol consumption overall are trying out a new tactic called mindful drinking. It provides people a way to become more conscious and aware of how much alcohol they are consuming so that they drink less on a regular basis.

The trend of mindful drinking has been taken up by individuals who are tired of feeling sick and hungover so often and need to bring more focus into their life. Most of the people practicing mindful drinking are not ready to become completely sober yet, so it allows them a stepping stone to work toward a healthier lifestyle. Sober clubs, parties and raves that have no alcohol available are some of the hangouts for people trying to moderate their drinking.

Some meditation studios even offer mindful drinking classes to help people develop a better relationship to alcohol. The mindful exercises that students practice in these classes help them learn to be more aware and drink less over time. These kinds of exercises are also useful in helping prevent relapse for longer periods of time.

People taking these kinds of classes want to cut back on drinking for various reasons but often it is for the sake of their health. Binge drinking regularly can have a very negative impact on mental and physical health and can lead to serious issues with repeated alcohol abuse. Moderating drinking behaviors can be a step in the right direction in helping to repair health issues and improve a person’s mood.

Mindful drinking allows individuals the chance to learn how to drink socially without indulging in addictive behavior.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

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