Why One-On-One Therapy Matters

Why One-On-One Therapy Matters

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Why One-On-One Therapy Matters Overcoming addiction from drugs and alcohol takes much more than detoxification and remaining sober. If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be such a struggle for millions of people. Properly overcoming addiction with the best long-term results involves treatment, which includes not only detoxification but also one-on-one therapy as well as…

Treatment Therapy Cheat Sheet

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There are various types of therapy available for treating mental health and addiction that can be either traditional or considered more experimental. With new research being developed constantly, some therapy models become outdated while newer, innovative approaches begin to be put into practice. Here is a list of the most common types of therapies. Under…

College Success May Depend on Maintaining Mental Health

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  Even though college can be an exciting time for many young people, there are also many students who struggle with issues of anxiety and depression that may interfere with their studies. College students are in a phase of their life when they are meeting lots of new people, being exposed to new information and…

Anger Issues and Blaming Others

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  People that struggle with mental health problems may have issues with anger even if they are dealing with a disorder like depression, bipolar disorder or a personality disorder. Anger can be difficult emotion to cope with and can lead to lashing out or blaming others for their problems. There are healthy and unhealthy ways…

Macklemore “Family Keeps Me Sober”

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Rapper and hip hop artist Macklemore has been open about discussing his issues with staying sober and the daily tasks of recovery. He makes sobriety a top priority in his life since getting treatment for opioid addiction and he credits his family as his motivating factor for remaining abstinent. He worries about the possibility of…

Cannabis in California

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Last year recreational marijuana was legalized in California, a landmark decision that will create changes in the way it is purchased, sold and consumed in the state. The law has only recently gone into effect as of January 1, 2018 and Californians are still struggling to understand how the marijuana industry will change and what…

Seasons Rated As One Of The Best Rehabs For Drug Addiction

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), the United States has around 15,000 rehabs that offer treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to tell which facility would offer the best and most effective care for you or your loved one.  Rehabs…

5 Tips On How To Stay Level Headed In Treatment

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It goes without saying that treatment for recovery can sometimes be very hard and stressful work.  You are having to go all-in working against every fiber of your being, fighting to let go of what used to be one of your main coping mechanisms for handling life. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can…

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Why One-On-One Therapy Matters
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