People in early recovery are especially vulnerable to relapse triggers, not all of which are obvious or can be anticipated. Common triggers include social situations in which drugs or alcohol are available, encounters with certain friends and family members, and stressful situations. Over-confidence and/or complacency after a period of sobriety can lead a person to abandon their relapse prevention plan—a significant risk for relapse.Research and anecdotal evidence show that people who, even after attending the best alcohol treatment centers, continue to remain actively involved in the recovery community have a greater likelihood of maintaining their sober lifestyle.

Support from a Sober Companion

As Malibu’s top drug rehabilitation center, Seasons offers an additional support system by pairing clients with a one-on-one sober companion after completion of treatment and/or during brief periods away from our Malibu rehab center. Sober companions help clients:
  • Get acclimated to life outside of treatment
  • Cope with triggers that can lead to relapse
  • Use the tools they learned during treatment
  • Find 12-step or SMART recovery meetings and fellowships in their area
  • Build a network of abstinent peers
  • Meet goals during their transition
The encouragement and support that sober companions provide can make a world of difference. A support system is especially important after a person leaves our drug and luxury alcohol abuse treatment centers and returns to their prior environment, which is often rife with triggers and issues that have yet to be resolved.

There is solid evidence that sober companions help clients work through their daily challenges—Seasons believes clients who are paired with a sober companion are better equipped to achieve their goal of long-term sobriety.