What is Distress Tolerance?

Some mental health providers offer a type of treatment known as dialectical behavior therapy that teaches patients important skills for coping with symptoms. Of the four main components that make up DBT, one of the most important is distress tolerance. This is a lesson in learning how to handle stress, anxiety or any overwhelming emotions… Continue reading What is Distress Tolerance?

Why is Therapy Not Working for Me?

Mental illness and emotional issues can be very complex and not everyone responds to treatment for the first time for various reasons. If someone has been dealing with depression for many years and decides to go to therapy as a last resort, they may feel disappointed that it doesn’t cure them right away. The reality… Continue reading Why is Therapy Not Working for Me?

Hypnotherapy as Alcohol Treatment

There are many different treatment methods that people suffering from addiction can explore. Aside from the more traditional options like Alcoholics Anonymous and talk therapy, a number of alternative approaches can be useful such as hypnotherapy. The use of hypnotherapy for alcoholism and other addictions has a mixed reputation but some people may find it… Continue reading Hypnotherapy as Alcohol Treatment

The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Therapy

A unique and unusual therapy for a myriad of different issues is sensory deprivation or restricted environmental stimulation therapy. In this type of therapy a person is placed in a sensory deprivation tank which is an isolated, completely dark and soundproof room that is filled with a foot of saltwater. The concept behind sensory deprivation… Continue reading The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Changing Your Long Term Therapist

There may be a number of different reasons why someone may need to change therapists. They may feel they have reached a plateau with their current therapist and aren’t making enough progress, or they may have to switch because they are moving or leaving treatment. Whatever the reason, changing a long term therapist can be… Continue reading Changing Your Long Term Therapist

Relapsing After Years of Sobriety

Recovery from addiction can be a lifelong journey and sobriety is not always guaranteed even after years of treatment and sobriety. The reality is that people can relapse even after they have been through treatment and lived sober for years, even decades. The risk for relapsing may drop significantly after five years of sobriety but… Continue reading Relapsing After Years of Sobriety

Craniosacral Therapy

Hands on, healing therapies can take on many forms including methods like craniosacral therapy. This is a type of healing modality that is gentle, non-invasive and focuses on creating a wave-like rhythmic pulse throughout the body. It is a therapy that can be useful for many different ailments including migraines, chronic neck and back pain,… Continue reading Craniosacral Therapy

World Class Staff at Seasons

When looking into addiction recovery, one of the most important aspects of treatment to consider is the staff. Seasons in Malibu understands how crucial it is to have experienced, knowledgeable staff members that show care and concern for their patients. With highly trained and qualified medical, psychiatric and psychotherapy experts, Seasons offers patients some of… Continue reading World Class Staff at Seasons

Why Women Only Support Groups are Important

Support groups can be tailor-made for specific groups that are struggling with unique issues that they need to talk about in a safe space. In the same way that support groups can focus on certain problems such as alcoholism or abuse, they can also provide support for certain groups of people that need to be… Continue reading Why Women Only Support Groups are Important

Recovery by the Beach: Salt Water Therapy

Many addiction treatment centers are located in natural areas especially near the ocean and for good reason. The ocean can be a healing place that calms the mind and body and helps people feel more connected to nature. Studies have shown that the salt water therapy can actually change our brain chemistry and put us… Continue reading Recovery by the Beach: Salt Water Therapy