Malibu Treatment Addiction Guide

Malibu Treatment Addiction Guide

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Guide to Malibu Treatment for Addiction

Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult process for many people but it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences that they will ever have. For those who have been involved in substance abuse for many years, one of the first steps they will take in recovery is acknowledging that they need help and must enter a treatment center to get the best care.

Addiction is a chronic disease and recovery is only possible by learning to manage the symptoms through professional guidance. With treatment, a patient can be in a supportive environment that will allow them to remain sober while they address some of the issues that caused their addiction to help prevent relapse in the future. Although addiction recovery may require years of maintenance and self-care, attending a treatment center is the foundation of an effective move toward sobriety. This Malibu treatment addiction guide helps to shed light on the decision to chose Malibu for addiction care.

Preparing for Malibu Addiction Treatment

Making a commitment to treatment is a major step in the life of an addict and it is important that they feel completely prepared for the experience. Before entering treatment you need to be sure not only that you have your affairs in order but also that you are in the right state mentally and physically.

For those entering residential treatment you will need to be in a place where you are ready and willing to leave behind some of your obligations and the routine of your past life to focus on getting better. You can talk to your employer about taking time off for recovery and speak to family and friends to make sure they understand your situation. You should tie up any loose ends to make sure that there is nothing that will interfere or weigh on you mentally while you are in treatment.

Realistic Malibu Treatment ExpectationsSetting Realistic Malibu Treatment Expectations

Part of preparing for treatment is having an idea of what recovery will be like and knowing at least to a certain extent what to expect from the process. Some people may worry that they will never be able to succeed in rehab or that it will be far too difficult for them to change their habits.

Others might have expectations that are too high believing that they will never have problems again after they finish their treatment program. In order to be realistic with your expectations you can focus on the positive changes that will probably occur such as remaining sober and taking steps toward self-improvement. You should also keep in mind that recovery does not get rid of all of your problems but instead helps you manage them more effectively. You will likely still have cravings and struggle with certain situations but you can change the way you cope with these things so that they affect you less in the future.

Finding Treatment Centers in Malibu

The setting and atmosphere of your treatment center can have a great impact on how you feel throughout recovery. Being comfortable and feeling at home should be a major priority, especially if you are entering residential treatment for several months. As you look for the right treatment center you can think about how long you think your treatment should last and what the best type of environment will be for you personally.

Malibu is a location that offers beautiful ocean views and provides patients with a peaceful experience surrounded by nature. The beach can be a healing place and a welcome escape from the stress of everyday life so finding a treatment center in Malibu can be a great way to experience therapeutic surroundings. Being in a place with lots of fun activities can also be an important priority for people. There are plenty of options for treatment that will suit every type of personality.

Outpatient Malibu Drug Treatment

If you are concerned about leaving behind your personal life such as work or family obligations for a few months then you can choose outpatient treatment. Patients who are not able to live in residential treatment or those who have less severe addictions can receive treatment while still living at home. An outpatient program can be equally effective as an inpatient residential program as long as you meet the standards for this type of treatment and follow the necessary steps for recovery.

You can still attend a treatment center in Malibu to experience a healing environment and be a part of group meetings and activities, individual therapy and educational seminars during the day if you are part of an intensive outpatient program. Even if you do not have the luxury of spending time in a residential treatment center you can still be provided with all the tools you need to achieve a successful recovery.

Focusing on Malibu Alcohol TreatmentFocusing on Malibu Alcohol Treatment

Every type of addiction has its own unique issues and characteristics that need to be addressed and discussed in recovery. When you are looking for treatment you can consider the type of addiction that you have and find one that focuses on your particular problem. Alcoholics may feel more comfortable and understood when they are with other people who are addicted to alcohol rather than to other types of drugs.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects a wide range of people so there are numerous treatment centers that offer help specifically for alcohol addiction. Within the category of alcohol treatment there may be even more specialized kinds of treatment that will suit you best. Not everyone feels that they can be successful with general rehab and some people need to be among those who are in a similar situation. More specialized treatment can help people who need individual care for their unique issues.

Assessment Prior to Malibu Drug Rehab

When you enroll in an addiction treatment program you will have to first talk to a physician and mental health expert who can both assess your current condition. People who have been involved in drug use for many years tend to have health problems associated with the particular drug that they use. They might be malnourished, have liver or kidney damage, or experience other types of illnesses and inflammation. It is crucial to speak with a physician about any physical health problems you have been having so that they can assess your medical condition.

You will also need to talk with a psychiatrist because addiction and symptoms of mental illness often go hand in hand. Feelings of depression, anxiety or other issues could be associated with a mental illness which can affect an addict’s ability to fully recover. If a psychiatrist diagnoses the patient with a co-occurring mental illness then they will need to receive treatment for both issues simultaneously.

Physical Sobriety in Malibu Recovery

The most intense physical experience that you will go through in recovery is detoxification which is the period of time when you feel most of your withdrawal symptoms. Later on in rehab you might feel occasional cravings or urges to return to drug use but much of your physical dependency is essentially eliminated through the process of detox. Being physically sober is the first step in rehab because it means completely abstaining from any drug or alcohol use aside from any recommended medication your doctor might prescribe.

This step can be very intimidating for long term drug users who have become completely reliant on substance abuse to function in their daily life. With proper medical treatment however, detox can be safe and relatively comfortable period of a week or two as the toxins leave your system. When your withdrawal symptoms subside and you are able to leave detox, it will be much easier to remain physically sober throughout treatment.

Treating Mental Addiction in Malibu Rehab Centers

Once a patient’s physical dependency has diminished through detox, there are other steps that must be taken to rid them of their mental addiction to drugs. When you are addicted to a certain habit it is as much a psychological problem as it is a physical problem. There are many thoughts, feelings and situations that can trigger a desire to use drugs when you are an addict. Your mental dependency drugs can be the most difficult aspect of recovery because it is part of what makes addiction a chronic disease.

In order to manage your mental addiction you will need to attend regular therapy sessions throughout your treatment program for individual and group counseling. Therapy approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy can help improve some of the symptoms of addiction by reducing anxiety and negative feelings. With regular therapy sessions, many patients learn how to handle their emotions without having to turn to drug abuse as an escape.

Holistic Treatments from a Malibu Recovery Center

When you are receiving treatment for an addiction, many rehab centers focus not only on one aspect of a person’s well-being but their overall health in terms of mind, body and spirit. Holistic treatment could include activities to help physical health such as fitness classes and nutritional counseling. Exercise has been proven to help reduce stress and improve a person’s mood by releasing endorphins which are natural feel-good chemicals.

Better nutrition including eating mostly natural whole foods and cutting down on sugar, caffeine and processed food can help regulate a person’s mood as well. Unhealthy foods can cause people to feel lethargic, depressed or even anxious because they are not getting adequate nutrition to stabilize their blood sugar levels. The right diet and exercise routine can be a major part of recovery because they make it easier for patients to be in control of their emotions.Diet and Exercise in Rehab

Holistic treatment can also include therapies to help a person develop their spirituality and maintain a sense of calm as often as they can. Techniques like meditation can be very effective at producing calm feelings and making people feel less reactive to things that happen on a daily basis.

Meditation can also become a spiritual practice for some people as it allows them to have some time to reflect and focus on their inner self. Other practices such as yoga or deep breathing can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being that makes it easier to manage symptoms of addiction.

After Leaving a Malibu Drug Treatment Center

As you move closer to completing your treatment program it is important to have a plan about what you are going to do after you leave rehab. The few months or so immediately after finishing treatment can be a difficult transition because you will no longer have the constant support of a clinical team surrounding you. You will have to return to some of your daily routine that could bring up memories of the past and times that you would have turned to drug use to deal with certain situations or feelings.

If you are concerned about how you will handle life immediately after rehab then you can take part in an aftercare program that will give you some of the assistance you need in this challenging transition. Aftercare can provide former patients with a support network so that they can check in and talk with someone whenever they are struggling. Former patients can still attend therapy and meetings for a period of time until they feel more confident and prepared to deal with daily life as a sober person.

Although having an addiction can be a painful struggle, recovery will ultimately be a positive and uplifting experience for anyone attending a treatment center. As long as you are prepared and ready to make changes in your life and be fully committed to the program then recovery can be very transformative. Treatment allows you to learn healthier physical and mental habits while you are in a safe, supportive space surrounded by people who understand what you are going through. When you find the right treatment center and begin recovery you will see how much your addiction took away from your life. Treatment gives people a chance to get their life back on track and deal with underlying issues so that they can live without substance abuse.

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