Top Alcohol Rehab Centers -

Top Alcohol Rehab Centers –

Top Alcohol Rehab Centers Looking for a qualified addiction treatment facility? As one of the top alcohol rehab centers in the greater Malibu area, Seasons in Malibu is highly qualified to treat alcohol and drug addiction. Our staff is highly trained in providing mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PSDS and trauma as well. Give us a call today at 866-780-8539.

Rehab In Palm Springs
Phoenix Rising Recovery
(760) 919-4741

Not every rehab in Palm Springs offers luxury amenities. Phoenix Rising offers upscale programs and treatments in comfortable environment that is conducive to long-term recovery from addiction. Our caring, experienced staff provides 24/7 support throughout recovery, from detox to residential treatment and aftercare.

CLIA Waived Drug Test
Spears Medical, Inc

You can purchase a CLIA waived drug test from Speares Medical, including Fastect II Single Dip Tests and iScreen Dx- Single Dip Tests, Drug Smart 12 Panel Cups, CSI 13 Panel Cups, EZ Split 6 Panel Cups, Multi-Clin 11 Panel Cassettes, Uscreen 10 Panel Strips, and many others, See the complete selection on our website.

Drug Addiction Rehab California

Dana Point Rehab Campus
33861 Granada Dr
Dana Point CA 92629 US

As the most respected drug addiction rehab in California, our staff at Dana Point Rehab Campus remains committed to your long-term recovery from drug addiction. Feel free to browse our FAQ section to learn more about the treatment options and programs we make available to our patients or call us now to get help.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In California
The Recovery Ranch
805 350 9776

Our staff at The Recovery Ranch recognizes that most drug and alcohol treatment centers in California are merely revolving doors, sending addicts back out onto the streets to use again. If you need more time in recovery than the standard 30 days, you can get all the support you need in a Sober Living home at The Recovery Ranch.

Indiana Nursing Home Pharmacies

Williams Bros Long Term Care Pharmacy
7 Williams Brothers Dr
Washington IN 47501 US

At Williams Bros. LTC Pharmacy, we feel Indiana nursing home pharmacies should take the burden off of assisted living facilities by offering practical services that help them provide better care to patients. If you’re looking for a long term care pharmacy that can manage your med report & billing, offer custom dispensing and delivery services, provide continuing education for your staff, and more, give us a call. Williams Bros Long Term Care Pharmacy

Seasons In Malibu

Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center
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4.8 out of 5 with 47 ratings

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