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Teeth Whitening Portland

Teeth whitening in Portland has been made affordable by Gifford Family Dentistry. Our Whitening For Life program ensures you’ll always put your best smile forward with free whitening when you schedule regular cleanings and exams in our office. Meet our staff during a complimentary new-patient consultation and find out why we are the most reputable dentist in Portland- and the best choice for your family’s dental care needs.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

There are many ways to whiten teeth- not all of them are safe options for your teeth. Dental experts warn consumers about the dangers of store-bought treatments and whitening gels and pastes that can often damage the tooth’s surface layer. Whitening at Gifford Family Dentistry is not only safe but it’s also very effective in removing deep-down stains and discoloration left behind from food & drinks, nicotine use, and common elements in the environment. Our whitening treatment is a safe option that will dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth.

Should I Whiten at the Dentist or at Home?

Many patients find that the convenience and discretion of whitening at home make a take-home whitening kit their service-of-choice. Our team from Gifford Family Dentistry will provide complete home-use instructions when you opt in to our Whitening For Life Program, so you can take your time and relax, knowing you’ll experience terrific results using our take-home trays. Best of all, you’ll save $400 over the regular cost of subsequent treatments, so whitening won’t cost you one penny when it’s time to renovate your smile.

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Portland

The low cost of our whitening program is certainly one great reason to see us for checkups and cleanings, but it’s not the only benefit to choosing us as your family’s dentist. Our gentle technology means more comfortable office visits for every member of your family during preventive visits, restorative dental care, and cosmetic procedures. New technology is key to pain-free dentistry and is one more way we are committed to your family’s experience as a patient at Gifford Family Dentistry. Patients appreciate our attention to the issues big and small:

  • Low-radiation imaging
  • Personal TV monitor
  • Extra office chairs for parent or friend
  • You choose movies, television programs, or music
  • Neck pillows & warm blankets

Smile With Confidence

What would whiter teeth mean for you? It could mean the difference between being passed over for the job promotion you've been waiting for and securing your career, or it might mean a new romantic relationship. There are many reasons our patients whiten:

  • College photo album
  • Headshots
  • Class reunions
  • Wedding day pictures
  • First date or special date night
  • As a way to treat yourself

We believe in providing our patients with the most advanced options for treatment, whether it’s a comfortable whitening session or comfort-technology treatments. Emergencies and walk-in visits are always welcome at Gifford Family Dentistry, as well as same and next-day appointments upon request. See us when you’re ready for your next teeth whitening in Portland- and stay with us for life.

Teeth Whitening Portland
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Teeth Whitening Portland
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