Taking a Mental Health Day from Work

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American culture is often focused on working through feelings of stress and only taking a day off when absolutely necessary. However, ideas about work culture are gradually changing and the concept of a “mental health day” is growing in popularity. Employees that feel burnt down, overworked or just depressed may feel more comfortable taking a day off for the sake of their mental health without feeling guilty.


Behavioral health experts now believe mental health days should be available for employees that are struggling at their jobs and need to take time for themselves. Taking a day off for your mental health should be viewed the same way as taking the day off because you have the flu or a cold. Attending your mental health needs is equally as crucial and caring for your own physical health.


Although most companies don’t officially offer days off for mental health care, many now unofficially support the practice because they understand the importance to their employees. Having mental health days means having more satisfied and happier workplaces which ultimately improved work culture and productivity. Many companies are trending more toward paid personal days and general days off to support mental health wellness among employees.


Burnout can be a serious problem if companies don’t provide enough time off for their workers. Dissatisfaction at the workplace can also lead to issues in completing projects and conflict among coworkers. Healthier minds can lead to more harmony overall and make it easier for everyone to accomplish more and succeed at work.


For those experiencing too much stress or who are burnt out at work, a mental health day can be a good way to reset and rest for the sake of your health. You may then be able to return to work with more focus and motivation after taking a personal day.