What are the Effects of Marriage on Mental Health?

Although many people may fear that the effects of marriage health is that its too stressful and complicated as the media often depicts strained relationships between spouses, the reality is actually quite different. Studies have proven that marriage is closely associated with better mental health and well-being. Statistics show that married people are actually the… Continue reading What are the Effects of Marriage on Mental Health?

Dealing with Isolation Urges

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone and many people who identify as introverts usually feel re-energized by having lots of time to themselves. Although it can feel good to cancel plans and choose to have a night in, it is important to be able to identify when tendencies toward isolation urges… Continue reading Dealing with Isolation Urges

Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

The habits that we have are more than just part of our routine, they can influence our thoughts and behavior in many aspects of our lives. Research has shown that one of the best ways to bring about positive change is to create new routines and develop better habits. People who are able to change… Continue reading Does Changing Habits Really Change Your Life?

What is Mindful Drinking?

New trends in health and wellness are leading people to cut back on their drinking habits especially for those who are interested in moderation or sobriety. People who have non-problematic drinking behavior but who want to reduce their alcohol consumption overall are trying out a new tactic called mindful drinking. It provides people a way… Continue reading What is Mindful Drinking?

Meditation for Chronic Pain

With the opioid epidemic continuing to rise in the U.S., people are concerned about the dangers of painkillers even for those using them for medical reasons. In the past, people with chronic pain would be prescribed opioids regularly to help them cope with their symptoms. Now that medical professionals and even the general public are… Continue reading Meditation for Chronic Pain