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Job Stress and Mental Health Problems

Addressing Workplace Anxiety

  Working a full time job can be stressful and places a lot of pressure on employees to perform well. There may be competition with other employees, office politics and other factors which increase stress and anxiety. Someone who suffers from workplace anxiety disorder may have issues keeping up with their work or may be… Continue reading Addressing Workplace Anxiety

How Biofeedback Treats Addiction

There are lots of physical symptoms that a person goes through when they are struggling with an addiction and especially during alcohol recovery programs. Certain types of therapy can help address those physical changes that occur in the body when an addict is feeling stressed or going through cravings. Biofeedback therapy can be used to… Continue reading How Biofeedback Treats Addiction

Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Although most mental health problems are manageable with counseling and medication, there are some cases when a person’s symptoms can interfere with their job. Some mental illnesses are chronic and difficult to treat which means managing it becomes a full time job in itself. More complicated mental health disorders may mean the individual must work… Continue reading Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Are Video Games an Outlet for Anxiety?

Video games can be a fun escape from real life because they place you in a different world where you can focus your skills and energy. Moreover, they work to increase your concentration level. Some people play video games as a way to socialize with their friends or relax after a long work week. For… Continue reading Are Video Games an Outlet for Anxiety?

Overachievers Can Become Over-abusers

There are many different circumstances that can cause people to be more vulnerable to developing addiction. Issues like genetic predisposition and environment play a significant role but certain personality traits can also lend themselves to addictive behavior. People who are perfectionists and overachievers may be more likely to abuse drugs because they use substances as… Continue reading Overachievers Can Become Over-abusers

Depression as a Response to Stress?

Everyone responds differently to stress and some people may have negative reactions that affect their mental health. Depending on genetic factors and many other variables, an individual may be more susceptible to stress and feel overwhelmed by it while others might feel energized and want to overcome the challenge. People that are more sensitive to… Continue reading Depression as a Response to Stress?

Drinking to Cope with Stress Does More Harm

Many people across the globe reach for a glass of beer or wine when they need to relax, but more studies are revealing that this tendency can actually be very damaging. Drinking when your stressed can simply trigger you to drink more and can often lead to very heavy drinking. The alcohol may temporarily seem… Continue reading Drinking to Cope with Stress Does More Harm