Addressing Workplace Anxiety

  Working a full time job can be stressful and places a lot of pressure on employees to perform well. There may be competition with other employees, office politics and other factors which increase stress and anxiety. Someone who suffers from workplace anxiety disorder may have issues keeping up with their work or may be… Continue reading Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Ask A Therapist: 10 Signs Of Social Anxiety

Many people who come to me for therapy do so not out of one or another urgent matter, but because they’re unsatisfied with how they’re living their lives. They may be feeling signs of social anxiety, sadness, or be struggling to deal with family conflict. Usually, they tell me they’re “fine, but…” Often I find… Continue reading Ask A Therapist: 10 Signs Of Social Anxiety

Morning Anxiety: Do You Experience it?

People who have issues with anxiety may experience different times where they are triggered and start to feel afraid. They might be in certain situations or around specific people that make them feel anxious. Others may feel the worst symptoms of anxiety at certain points in the day such as in the morning. Morning anxiety… Continue reading Morning Anxiety: Do You Experience it?

Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Although most mental health problems are manageable with counseling and medication, there are some cases when a person’s symptoms can interfere with their job. Some mental illnesses are chronic and difficult to treat which means managing it becomes a full time job in itself. More complicated mental health disorders may mean the individual must work… Continue reading Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Hangover Induced Anxiety

A night of drinking is thought of as a stress reliever for some, but actually, most people find they wake up feeling even more worried, guilty and anxious. Along with a hangover comes some very unpleasant emotions that make you regret the night before and stress about your situation. Studies show that hangovers, and especially… Continue reading Hangover Induced Anxiety

Are Video Games an Outlet for Anxiety?

Video games can be a fun escape from real life because they place you in a different world where you can focus your skills and energy. Moreover, they work to increase your concentration level. Some people play video games as a way to socialize with their friends or relax after a long work week. For… Continue reading Are Video Games an Outlet for Anxiety?

How Crippling Debt Can Lead to Depression

Financial stress can be a major contributor to emotional issues because it can cause persistent feelings of worry and hopelessness. People with serious debt can end up suffering from depression because they can’t see a way out of their financial problems. Studies have shown that people with debt tend to suffer higher rates of mental… Continue reading How Crippling Debt Can Lead to Depression

Travel Anxiety is Real Anxiety

Traveling can be a fun and exciting way to experience the world and explore the unknown. However, many people feel weighed down by anxious thoughts and feelings as they travel outside of their home state or country. Anxiety while traveling can make it difficult to get through the airport, the plane ride or even driving… Continue reading Travel Anxiety is Real Anxiety

Controlling Obsessive Thoughts

People that have thoughts which tend to spiral out of control and become obsessive may not realize that they are actually experiencing a symptoms of anxiety. Persistent and negative thoughts are a very common occurrence when someone has an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can make it very hard not to focus on things that you don’t… Continue reading Controlling Obsessive Thoughts