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In April 30, 2014

Seasons In Malibu Drug Rehabi
Why Seasons in Malibu is different:

“From our revolutionary guarantee to our state of the art treatment program to our three amazing ocean front residences, Seasons in Malibu stands above and leads the treatment community in the standard of care we can give our patients.”

More about Seasons in Malibu:

A Leading Drug Rehab and Treatment Center in California

Every day, thousands of people cross over from substance abuse into full-on drug addiction. The stakes are incredibly high, as their dependence on cocaine, heroin, prescription medication or other substances puts their health, their relationships and even their families at risk. When an individual comes to the realization that they are in dire need of professional help, drug rehab programs are there to turn things around. Read more about our the treatment programs we offer at our drug rehab center.

Comprehensive Alcohol Rehab Programs for the Entire Family

Alcohol addiction can be an everyday struggle. Alcoholism impacts the lives of more American families than any other drug – leaving in its wake a myriad of health problems, social issues and broken families. For those who seek real change, there are alcohol treatment programs. Designed to help individuals overcome the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol these programs have saved countless lives. Read more about our Alcohol Rehab Center.

Offering Freedom from Prescription Drug Addiction

One of the fastest growing drug problems in the United States is prescription drug addiction. With more young people, elderly individuals and everyone in between turning to prescription drugs as a means for coping with life stressors or to get high, drug rehab facilities are seeing a rapid rise in the number of patients addicted to these medications. The need for Oxycontin rehab, Vicodin rehab and treatment for the abuse of other painkillers is more necessary than ever before, as more people find themselves dependent before long. Thankfully, help is available for those who are ready. Read more about Prescription Drug Rehab at Seasons in Malibu.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

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