Prescription Database Set up In Pennsylvania to Thwart Drug Abuse

In Prescription Drug Rehab November 5th, 2014 No Comments

  The rising incidents of prescription drug overdoses have been alarming. As a result, ways to combat the issue has been a hot topic amongst the medical and addiction communities. Painkillers are often prescribed to patients who are recovering from an invasive surgery or for other cases of chronic pain. However, the painkillers are meant…

NFL Locker Rooms Subject To DEA Investigations

In Prescription Drug Rehab August 11th, 2014 No Comments

The NFL is now under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for the abuse of prescription medication by athletes in their locker rooms. Federal drug agents began looking into the abuse of painkillers and other drugs after attorneys representing about 1,300 NFL retirees accused the league of illegally handing out medication without warning players about…

Santa Clarita to Host ‘Pills Kill: Prescription to Addiction Symposium’

In Prescription Drug Rehab, Systemic Addiction Treatment August 6th, 2014 No Comments

With the overwhelming rise in prescription addictions in the U.S. in recent years, communities are now looking for ways to educate the public about the dangers of prescription medication. Officials in the city of Santa Clarita are planning to host the “Pills Kill: Prescription to Addiction Symposium” as a way to bring more awareness to…

Doctors Under A Microscope To Stop Prescription Drug Abuse

In Drug Addiction, Prescription Drug Rehab, Systemic Addiction Treatment July 16th, 2014 No Comments

  With rising rates of addiction and overdose deaths related to prescription drugs, there is growing concern about how to handle medication provided to patients. In the past twenty years, deaths from unintentional drug overdoses have increased by over 500% and the majority of this increase is due to prescription painkillers. The reality is that…

Washington’s Answer to Drug Addiction: Buprenorphine

In Drug Rehab, Prescription Drug Rehab, Systemic Addiction Treatment July 14th, 2014 No Comments

A new medication for treating heroin addiction known as buprenorphine has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness at cutting cravings. For many people struggling with heroin addiction, buprenorphine seems like the new answer that could help them get through the difficult period of detox and relieve their withdrawal symptoms. A lot of doctors are…

Are Prescription Drugs The New Gateway Drug?

In Drug Addiction, Prescription Drug Rehab June 6th, 2014 No Comments

By now Americans are well aware of the prescription drug epidemic taking a toll on lives across the country. Not only are prescription drugs the most widely abused substance, studies are now showing that they are also a gateway drug. This means prescription drug abusers are more likely to begin using heroin or other street…

Seasons In Malibu

In Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, Prescription Drug Rehab, Treatment Programs April 30th, 2014 No Comments

Why Seasons in Malibu is different: “From our revolutionary guarantee to our state of the art treatment program to our three amazing ocean front residences, Seasons in Malibu stands above and leads the treatment community in the standard of care we can give our patients.” More about Seasons in Malibu: A Leading Drug Rehab and…

Prescription Drug Abuse Is At An All Time High

In Drug Addiction, Prescription Drug Rehab April 30th, 2014 No Comments

The use of prescription drugs is especially high among teens in the U.S. and the numbers continue to rise. Many Americans don’t understand or aren’t aware of the growing danger of prescription drug abuse and not nearly enough are getting treatment for their prescription drug addiction. There are still a lot of misconceptions about the…

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