Mark Stahlhuth, Ph.D

Mark Stahlhuth, Ph.D

In October 12th, 2016

Born in Michigan and raised outside of Denver, Colorado, Dr. Mark Stahlhuth relocated to Southern California as a young adult, after which he began studying at UCLA. He has been working in the field of addiction since entering graduate school in 1980 at California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, where he obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology.

Before going into private practice in 1995, Dr. Stahlhuth spent 14 years working with adolescents in residential treatment settings, which included directing programs in drug abuse treatment as well as in childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and trauma. Today he continues his private practice work with teens as well as adults and their families in the areas of addiction and trauma.

For more than three decades Dr. Stahlhuth has conducted psychological assessments on an in-patient basis as well as in residential and outpatient settings; the foundation for this work includes several years of graduate study in psycho-diagnostic assessment, graduate teaching assistantships, and internships and work at agencies specializing in psycho-diagnostic assessment.

In July 2009 Dr. Stahlhuth became Clinical Director for Seasons Recovery Centers, where he utilizes his extensive experience to orchestrate the cutting-edge clinical programs for which Seasons is known.

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