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Seasons in Malibu has consistently been rated as one of the Best Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in the World, by sources such as Newsweek and Fortune magazine. We have earned this recognition through our success in helping people just like you to overcome the life-destroying disease of addiction. Twelve years ago, we put together a team of world-leading Doctors, Primary Therapists and Clinical Therapists to provide the finest drug and alcohol treatment available, in a resort-like pacific coast setting in Malibu, California.

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Seasons in Malibu Luxury Rehab Center

World-Class Doctors, Therapists, and Staff

From the minute you call us for help you will understand the depth of our commitment. You will notice the confidence and skill of our admissions counselors as they guide you through your first step toward lasting recovery.

We help you achieve your critical goal through our unique “Science of Recovery” treatment method. Upon arrival at Seasons in Malibu, you will be assessed by a staff of some of the most notable experts in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They will work with you to determine the key factors, both internally and externally, that have played roles in your disease. From this assessment, we will design your individual course of treatment for you. The assessment will also uncover any underlying co-occurring disorders, so that these too can be treated.

We will then put this detailed specific plan into action, with continuous monitoring to ensure that you are achieving your milestones and that any necessary corrections to the plan can be made instantly. The “Science of Recovery” method assures you of a solid foundation for reclaiming the life that the disease of drug or alcohol addiction has stolen from you.

Surrounding you With Support

Our compassionate, highly trained team strives to gain your trust in our system from the moment you pick up the phone and call us. That call is just the beginning of one of the best decisions you could ever possibly make. Our world-class drug and alcohol treatment program starts the process in motion with cutting-edge, medically-assisted detox that provides you with comfort and safety during the initial phase of your recovery.

From there, our team works with you to design an extensive therapeutic program, featuring the latest evidence-based clinical therapies, as well as experiential and holistic therapies that heal your mind, body and spirit. This program also focuses on helping to solidify the systems that surround you…your family, your job or business and others around you who will be acting as your support. All of this is key to ensuring that the recovery you achieve while with us can be carried out upon discharge.

We Are with You Every Step of the Way

You are not alone on this life-changing journey. Seasons in Malibu surrounds you with the finest Doctors and Addictionologists, Ph.D. Primary Therapists, Masters Degree Clinical Therapists and a highly-trained staff of compassionate and caring individuals. You will never feel judged or shamed; we have helped thousands just like you over the past 12 years. Our Drug and Alcohol treatment methods will help to unify your family, stabilize your job situation and heal you in a way that is real and lasting. Don’t wait another minute…our admissions counselors are standing by to help.