Seasons Trauma Informed Care Tract

In Mental Health, Trauma, Treatment Programs January 29th, 2018 No Comments
There are a myriad of different mental health problems that can result from a person experiencing trauma. When a person experiences trauma they may cope or react in ways that affect them later on in life. Trauma can affect a person’s functioning in every possible way from physical and mental health, behavior, and social skills….

Negative Social Comparison Affecting Mental Health

In Mental Health January 27th, 2018 No Comments
In psychology, it is theorized that people often determine their own self-worth and personal value based on how they compare with others in their social circle. This is known as social comparison theory and it asserts that people constantly make self and other evaluations across a variety of different qualities such as attractiveness, wealth, intelligence…

Michael Phelps Talks Depression Spells

In Mental Health January 15th, 2018 No Comments
In spite of being one of the most successful and decorated athletes in Olympic history, swimmer Michael Phelps has admitted that he struggles with mental health issues. He recently revealed to the public that he has experienced several depression spells throughout his life and even came to the point of having suicidal thoughts. He spoke…

New Year Same Depression

In Drug Rehab, Mental Health January 10th, 2018 No Comments
People often start the new year off with a sense of optimism about making important changes in their life and beginning new things. However, for people that struggle with depression the new year can look very much the same as any other year. It can be difficult to set goals and resolutions or feel motivated…

Poor Impulse Management

In Drug Rehab, Mental Health, Treatment Programs January 9th, 2018 No Comments
An important characteristic that can help determine a person’s personality and relationship to addictive tendencies has to do with their own impulse control. People naturally have impulses to engage in certain behavior, and they either manage those impulses responsibly or struggle with their sense of control. Someone with an addiction or a certain type of…

Starting the New Year in Treatment

In Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, Mental Health December 29th, 2017 No Comments
The new year is a time when people make resolutions so that they can try to change old habits to improve their health or reach certain goals. If you have been wanting to quit drinking or give up another addiction then you might be considering rehab treatment in the upcoming new year. Although quitting drinking…

Divorce and Depression

In Mental Health, Treatment Programs December 26th, 2017 No Comments
When a couple that has been together for many years finally decides to go their separate ways it can be a painful loss for both sides even if it feels like the right decision. Divorce is a huge change and requires a major period of adjustment which can take anywhere from weeks to months or…

Overcoming Agoraphobia

In Mental Health, Treatment Programs December 24th, 2017 No Comments
Anxiety can come in many forms and can affect people’s lives in different ways. A more severe type of anxiety disorder can occur in the form of agoraphobia which can seriously inhibit a person’s ability to function. People with agoraphobia have numerous symptoms including panic attacks that can make it difficult for them to go…

40 Health Experts Share Their Tips & Strategies For Optimizing Their Mental Health

In Mental Health December 19th, 2017 No Comments
We asked top influencers in health and wellness for their tips and insights on how to optimize their mental health. Here’s what they came up with. Jill Lebeau, MFT @fengshuiurmind Taking care of our mental health is an important aspect of learning to love ourselves. In the same way we can build strong muscles…

Does Teenage Marijuana Use Increase Bipolar Symptoms?

In Drug Addiction, Mental Health December 14th, 2017 No Comments
While it may be unclear whether marijuana has a negative impact on adults, teen use has proven to be very detrimental to mental health. Young people who use marijuana while they are still in their teenage years are putting themselves at a much higher risk for developing symptoms of a mental illness later on. Studies…

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