Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

In Mental Health February 28th, 2019 No Comments

Although most mental health problems are manageable with counseling and medication, there are some cases when a person’s symptoms can interfere with their job. Some mental illnesses are chronic and difficult to treat which means managing it becomes a full time job in itself. More complicated mental health disorders may mean the individual must work…

Anxiety and Weight Fluctuations

In Mental Health February 24th, 2019 No Comments

When someone has a mental health issue such as anxiety, their mental state can often lead to noticeable physical changes as well. People with anxiety often go through weight fluctuations depending on the level of their psychological distress. Their appetite may suddenly change due to anxiety or they may use food a coping mechanism to…

Persistent Depressive Disorder Also Known as Dysthymia

In Mental Health February 22nd, 2019 No Comments

When someone has a mental illness, their goal is often to reduce their symptoms as much as they possibly can. Unfortunately, certain conditions can be chronic which makes it much more difficult to manage and ever fully eliminate symptoms. Many people live with chronic and persistent depression also known as dysthymia which can be treated…

Can DNA Tests Reveal Mental Health?

In Mental Health February 20th, 2019 No Comments

Certain issues like mental illnesses can have genetic factors but it can still be difficult to predict when someone is more likely to struggle with mental health. Family history can certainly have an impact on whether someone will develop a mental illness but can genetic tests tell us about the state of our mental health?…

Hangover Induced Anxiety

In Alcohol Rehab, Mental Health February 19th, 2019 No Comments

A night of drinking is thought of as a stress reliever for some, but actually, most people find they wake up feeling even more worried, guilty and anxious. Along with a hangover comes some very unpleasant emotions that make you regret the night before and stress about your situation. Studies show that hangovers, and especially…

Happiness is 50% Genetic

In Mental Health February 18th, 2019 No Comments

For people struggling with finding happiness, it may be helpful to take a different perspective on what makes someone able to be happy. A psychologist recently proposed her own theory on what constitutes a person’s ability to create happiness in their own life. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, happiness is 50 percent genetically predetermined, 10 percent…

Menopausal Depression

In Mental Health February 11th, 2019 No Comments

When women reach the age when they experience menopause, they must go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes that can affect their wellbeing. Declining estrogen levels can cause women to go through a lot of dramatic emotional changes. Along with physical symptoms such as hot flashes, many women also deal with some feelings…

Reducing Suicide Risk

In Mental Health January 30th, 2019 No Comments

Although in many cases, suicidal thoughts or even attempts at taking your own life are related to specific disorders, it is important to focus on reducing the risk of suicide as a separate issue from other symptoms. Suicide is a very serious and complex issue that can affect not only the individual but all of…

Exercise Curbs Cravings

In Mental Health, Wellness January 29th, 2019 No Comments

Part of recovering from an addiction means working to achieve a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of your routine. In order to be healthy and stay sober, addicts need to not only focus on remaining abstinent but also eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and minimizing stress levels. Exercise can be helpful not…

Hiding Depression from My Kids

In Mental Health January 15th, 2019 No Comments

Even though every parent wants to be as healthy as possible in order to raise their children, the reality is that sometimes parents must deal with mental illness. Depression is a common problem in the U.S. and many parents are struggling to raise their kids while also trying to deal with their own mental health…

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