How To Find A Suboxone Clinic

How To Find A Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone Clinic

If you have suffered from addiction to heroin or other opioids, suboxone can provide a safe route to detox and avoid withdrawals. While there is no easy way to get off opioids, suboxone makes up for deficits while the addictive substance is eliminated from your body.

Unfortunately, suboxone is not readily available throughout the United States. Approximately a third of recovery centers offer long-term suboxone treatment, and not all of them are taking new patients.

Starting suboxone treatment is therefore very difficult, despite it being a potential lifesaver. Even those who are already on suboxone may have trouble continuing treatment if they need to move to a different city, or if their treatment center stops offering it. This can lead to terrible withdrawals, and can be a terrifying experience.

When discussing suboxone, it is necessary to make mention of the elephant in the room. Not everyone agrees that suboxone should be recommended or provided as a treatment for opioid addiction. If you are searching for a suboxone provider, you will inevitably come across this opinion, sometimes put across in aggressive, catastrophizing language.

Here is what you can expect to find online, and why.

The “Dark Side” Of Suboxone

There are valid reasons that some are suspicious of suboxone. To the uninitiated, it can seem like you're just swapping one addiction for another. However, this is certainly not the case.

Suboxone treatment makes up for the deficits left by the withdrawal from heroin or other opioids, but it does not provide the high. You will therefore not get addicted to it and overuse it. It is provided in measured doses that are not dangerous.

There are downsides to suboxone treatment. Some people experience terrible side effects that make it impossible to function normally. They may nonetheless struggle to get off the suboxone as that will lead to the life threatening withdrawals they were trying to avoid.

It is important to remember that people’s experiences with mental health and addiction are always very charged. If they have had a bad experience, they may therefore deride anyone who claims to have had a good experience with the same treatment. Thus, you get people bashing suboxone, the 12 Step program, antidepressants, herbal remedies, hypnotherapy, and any other treatment, as if it is a total scam.

If your doctor thinks suboxone is a good option for you, and if you think the pros outweigh the cons, no one should undermine your own recovery.

Finding A Suboxone Provider

That said, finding a suboxone provider may not be easy, and this discourages some people from relying on suboxone as a form of treatment.

However, with some helpful information, you should be able to find a provider close to you. Here are some places to get started.

Ask Your Doctor

When looking for any medical treatment, your starting point should be with a professional you trust. This may be your psychiatrist, GP, or a healthcare provider you met at an addiction center. They will give you their thoughts on whether suboxone has the potential to help you. They may also be able to give you the details of a reliable suboxone provider.

This is, of course, ideal, but not every professional will be in the know about suboxone and its providers. Those who do not specialize in addiction may have heard about it but not have an opinion.

Start by asking your trusted healthcare professional, but don’t be disheartened if they cannot help.

Call Your Insurance

For some, suboxone is only a possibility if their insurance will pay for it. In this case, call your insurance to find out their official stance towards suboxone.

Your insurance may also have a list of providers who they are partnered with and through whom your access to suboxone treatment will be seamless.

However, if they are not partnered with a provider near you, you may still be able to get them to pay out when you find your own provider.

Use A Directory

There are a range of directories with details of suboxone providers. They may allow you to search by location and whether a center is accepting new patients. Try the following directories:

Search these directories and contact the providers in your vicinity to find out if they are a viable choice.

Be Prepared To Do The Work

Unfortunately, even with the help of searchable directories and healthcare providers, you will likely have to put in a bit of work to find a provider. This will involve phoning one after another to find out if they are accepting new patients, what they charge, and whether your insurance will pay. It will take some time, so make sure to get started as soon as possible.

Join Support Groups

Support groups are always important in recovery, and suboxone treatment is no exception. If there are support groups nearby, it will be helpful to attend in person. Other members may be able to help you find the provider you are looking for.

No suboxone support groups in your vicinity? Join an online support group. The Suboxone Talk Zone is a good place to find empathy without judgment. They strongly discourage debate on whether or not suboxone is objectively the right treatment, and instead facilitate discussion which helps those who are starting or continuing suboxone treatment.

Don’t Delay

People suffering from addiction may well feel a lack of motivation when it comes to any administrative work. Jumping through hoops of bureaucracy is difficult enough when you're healthy, However, suboxone can be lifesaving, and procrastination only puts you in more danger.

Get started searching for the best suboxone provider near you as soon as possible. It can make the difference you've been searching for.

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How To Find A Suboxone Clinic
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