Holistic Rehab [INFOGRAPHIC]

In January 30, 2014


Holistic Drug Rehab

You may have asked yourself what exactly holistic recovery treatment is and why it is successful. There are many different ways of treating addiction; holistic rehab places an emphasis less on medication and more on the improvement of health and sobriety through the body, mind, and spirit. An addict’s health is improved by addressing the mental and emotional roots of addiction by finding connections and positive ways toward health in the form of therapies that nurture them as whole.

Holistic treatment therapies can include a variety of therapeutic activities: acupuncture therapy, art therapy, creative writing, meditation, yoga, surfing, hiking, swimming, equine therapy, music therapy, nutrition therapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, etc. These types of therapies aim to build and nurture the mind, body and soul connection, and as mind, body, and spirit grow stronger, so does an addict’s ability to remain drug free.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

Primary Therapist