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Halfway House Austin TX

Harmony Haus invites you to join our transitional recovery home as soon as you’ve completed your inpatient rehab treatment. Our halfway house in Austin, TX, represents a critical stage in the recovery process.

What exactly is a halfway house?

Halfway houses or transitional homes are facilities where people come to prepare themselves for reintegration in the society. We believe that the rehabilitation treatment, no matter how effective and detailed, can’t ensure the patient’s social stability and success once returning home. In the majority of the cases, patients will return to the same social environment that caused or fueled their addiction in the first place.

And while they may have an idea about how to cope with the temptations, they will still be too mentally and emotionally vulnerable to care for themselves. A halfway house offers recovering patients with the opportunity to improve their social skills and acquire confidence in themselves during the program. You will still receive treatment and support during your stay, but the degree of control will be much lower.

So long as you remain sober, test negative to all the regular drug screenings, and abide by the internal regulations, you’re free to do whatever you like. This way, you will learn to become more responsible and take care of yourself as you would if you were at home.

Are halfway houses effective?

Yes, they are, since they’re filling a gap that few experts even realize that it exists. We know that the rehab treatment is the only safe and effective way of defeating addiction. But, during the rehab program, the patient will often become mentally and emotionally dependent on other people. Returning home immediately after the rehab ends is usually not the best idea.

At that point, patients will still be psychologically vulnerable, and they may end up relapsing shortly after. Our halfway house in Austin, TX, offers a safer alternative. By spending some accommodation time at our recovery house, the chances for long-term relapse will decrease dramatically. At our center, you will learn how to become responsible, confident, and more competent in providing for yourself and your family.

What is the recovery process?

An effective process of recovery is, in essence, a personal transformation endeavor. During the rehab, the patient will learn the importance of self-control, adopting a robust and unbending set of moral values, and acquire vital social and personal skills. To prevent the relapse over the years, you must take control over your life in all aspects. The self-transformation process begins in the rehab facility, and it must continue in our halfway house in Austin, TX.

At our facility, we offer you therapy support, treatment, and personal and professional guidance to ensure you are ready to return home. Without going through this transitional phase, you risk not being able to handle yourself when it comes to facing real life again. Our mission is to help you avoid this social shock. At Harmony Haus, we support people in retaking control over their lives. For your own sake, don’t skip this opportunity!

Halfway House Austin TX
Harmony Haus Sober Living
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Halfway House Austin TX
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