Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - We All Play A Role In Addiction

Name: Kimberly Motieram
From: The Bronx, NY
Votes: 0 Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - We All Play A Role In Addiction

We All Play A Role In Addiction

We All Play A Role In Addiction

By: Kimberly Motieram

As a nation we are dealing with an addiction crisis because everything is accessible; from cigarettes to alcohol. Adults are getting alcohol and drugs for people under 18 and stores are selling it to people who are under 21. Not only is that a reason but everyone is going through something hard and they do not have the resources to get better, to help them cope and move on. Being an addict can never be a good thing and it affects everyone. It affects the individual because they are not themselves anymore, they do not have control over their body and mind. It hurts the people that are around the addict because whatever they are doing and/ or taking becomes an influence. My dad is an abusive alcoholic and to be around him for my entire life, watching him hit my mom and her going to work with sunglasses in the middle of winter because she had bruises on her eyes and having to wear bulky and long clothes when the weather called for shorts and a shirt to cover the bruises on her body. Seeing my siblings get hit for nothing and feeling his high school ring hit my skin took a toll on me, Most people either become or resent their parents and I resented him. I did this because I knew what was happening and I also knew how wrong it was. It made me grow up quicker than I have ever wanted and asked for. I never even got the chance to enjoy my childhood because he was the grey rainy cloud shooting lightning strikes at me above my head. I promised myself I would never drink enough to get anywhere like him because it was not okay the way he treated my loved ones and I. However, that is not the case for most people who have experience with addicts. Most fall into the rabbit hole with them because that is all they know and they do not think there is another way out. And that is the problem because it becomes a cycle and in order to prevent it things need to be set in place. And with the things that are already in place, they need to be pursued harder. Kids, parents and other people who have encountered an addict and feel like they need to talk to someone should be able to have more access to it for free; at work or at school. Schools need to have more people that are licensed and certified to deal with these situations. To be able to start with kids from a young age so they can feel safe and know they have options. Work places rarely have people in place as it is and that is not okay because regardless of your age you should be able to get all the help you need; trauma is trauma and it lasts forever. People who are addicts themselves should have access to it as well because beyond the addiction that person is dealing with something real and uses the drugs and/ or alcohol to cover it up. Society and the citizens within it should have more access to therapists and social workers in order to provide a path that the addict or witness never knew they had to potentially stop them from going down the rabbit hole.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - We All Play A Role In Addiction
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