Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - United to End Addiction

Name: Jontel R Robbins
From: Green Forest, AR
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to End Addiction


12, 2020

to End addiction

Addiction is a disease of the brain that is revealed by the obsession of
certain substances regardless of the adverse consequences (“What is
Addiction”, 2017). Statistics show that one out of every seven
Americans 12 and up are addicted to or abuses alcohol and drugs
(“PREVELANCE”, n.d.). This number is mind-blowing and
unacceptable, but as the world around us grows more fast-paced and
demanding, people turn to addiction to alleviate the stress and
negativity they encounter in life. While addiction can provide
temporary relief, in the end, the consequences of addiction not only
hurt the individual but society as a whole. This issue can be fixed
by productive programs.

This current crisis in America is caused by citizens turning to addictive
substances to find pleasure, acceptance, alleviate stress, and to
enhance performance (“What is Addiction”, 2017). One major cause
of addiction is availability. The increase in doctors prescribing
opioids, the advertisement and popularity of tobacco products, and
the easy access of vape products to minors combined with the illegal
drug market, leave Americans with an open opportunity to turn to
products that promise relief and pleasure (“Opioid”, n.d.;
“Vaping”, n.d.; “Tobacco”, n.d.). Children need adult support
to make the right decisions, when they do not find an adult to turn
to, they turn to a peer for leadership. Sadly, young peers have a
limited amount of wisdom and experience. This can lead the whole
group to make bad decisions such as turning to addictive substances
because it is “cool”. Children are the future of this nation.
Statistics show that 90% of those suffering from substance issues
started before they were 18 years old (“Addiction”, n.d.). What
does this say about our nation’s future? This nation is facing
addiction problems because children are not getting the drug
education, support, love, nurture, and addiction treatment they need
to overcome this crisis.

The consequences of addiction are no small matter. Addiction causes
warped thinking, misconduct, and poor body performance (“What is
Addiction”, 2017). It literally changes the human brain’s
structure and function. The longer a substance is used, the higher
the tolerance a person builds. This means that to create the same
level of intoxication, the substance amount must be increased. Also,
addiction can cause health problems and death. Social issues between
family members, co-workers, and the rest of society can all be caused
by addiction. fetal health and development can be negatively impacted
by maternal substance abuse (Institute of Medicine, 1996). Violence
and crime are related to drug abuse. Abusing drugs causes public
safety concerns like automotive and other accidents. 40.8 percent of
traffic fatalities were linked to alcohol. Also, the ability to
contribute to society and succeed in life can be diminished. The
workplace can be crippled by the negative effects of drug abuse such
as unreliability, accidents, and counterproductivity.

The remedy to this problem is connecting with the youth of this country
as well as helping those currently addicted. Exciting afterschool
programs that engage children’s interests and community outreach,
addiction education, and one on one moral support for children will
help to boost self-confidence, raise public awareness, and make
children see the bigger picture of the society. Kids will see that
society is greater than themselves, yet it depends on their support.
Showing kids that they are important and can contribute to making a
positive difference in the world around them will give people the
positive feedback they need. This will reduce the desire for and the
popularity of addictive substances. As for those currently struggling
with addiction, proper medical treatment combined with productive
programs can make the needed difference. People need a purpose, if
programs exist that challenge the attendees and better the world
around them, and remain affordable, then true progress to ending the
addiction crisis can occur.

One out of every three families are hurt by substance abuse disorder
(“About”, n.d.). This crisis in America is caused by the
availability of addictive substances, especially to minors. The
consequences affect the health and happiness of not only the
individual but also society as a whole. The solution to this problem
involves working with the youth and those currently addicted through
productive programs that engage the abilities of the individual to
help better the greater cause of society. We must prove we are a
nation united to end addiction.


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