Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - Addiction is Real

Name: Ananda Torres
From: Jackson, FL
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Addiction is Real

Addiction is Real

By: Ananda Torres

Addiction is when one is dependent on a certain substance. Addiction is a disease to the human mind. As a nation over a million people are addicted to alcohol and drugs. People can be addicted to anything such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, coffee, and more. The most damaging addiction are drugs, alcohol, and gambling. As a nation over millions of people are addicted to those substances because some people are down bad and need some type of outlet or they happen to be around negative influences. When people find these outlets they use it to either distract themselves or make them feel a certain feeling not realizing the consequences. Some of the consequences the individual will face from drug and alcohol addiction is the health problems. Addiction will cause the individual to get into contact with certain diseases in the world such as HIV, cancer, lung disease, hepatitis, and more. Addiction can affect society because the people that are addicted can influence others in the community or give their disease to others. Before it can affect the community permanently a remedy needed is the rehabilitation of those that are addicts. Rehabs are made to help those in a dark place and want help. Rehabs is beneficial for society because it helps the person that’s an addict and keep them off the streets. Rehabs are also helpful for the individual specifically because that person gets the help they need to try and get better and start over in their life. We as a nation have to help those in a hard place from taking that route and if they do end up down that path then we have to make sure they get the help that is appropriate for them before it gets dangerous.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - Addiction is Real
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