Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - A Mind at War

Name: Hannah Struckmann
From: tuscon, arizona
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A Mind at War

A Mind at War

Hannah Struckmann

Addiction has taken the lives of many people in today’s society. As a nation we deal with addiction because of the inadequate resources to educate and rehabilitate others. Some people grow up with the idea that addiction is the only way to live. Some people feel as though addiction is the only solution to numb their pain. Our nation has not provided enough resources individually to tell these people otherwise. Most people believe that drugs and alcohol cannot make someone addicted and are unaware of the actual facts. Substances are the agonists that mimic the chemicals produced in the brain making the human addicted. Addiction spreads through peer pressure. Many people who suffer from addiction cannot admit to having this problem or understand the extent of the addiction. In today’s society addiction is looked at as a disease. Often people shun away from people who suffer from addiction. Society often views these people as inadequate to function in communities. Individuals who have addiction hide in denial or are ashamed of the problem themselves. They feel lost. Often they cannot reach the resources they need to help them function. Neurologically the person feels that they cannot live without these substances. Growing up I watched my grandfather become addicted to certain substances and as his body became weaker in health he took in more substances. The addiction worsened his health as he numbed his physical pain. My family disapproved of his behavior, just wanting him to get better and undergo treatment. Individually he became in denial that the drugs were controlling his quality of living. He believed that there was nothing truly wrong with him and in the stages of him repeatedly telling us he wanted help he could not follow through. In society this story went untold. He made sure no one knew the extent of his addiction. He blocked away the secret of his addiction out of fear of ruining his reputation; he suffered in silence in the fear of being rejected from society. Addicts often lose friends, family, jobs, and quality of life because of their actions. As a society we never lessen the pain of the ones who suffer. We worsen it by giving the support that someone needs to get through the process of recovery. A remedy to this crisis is providing support. Having a support system being provided in all aspects of someone’s life. Society should be supporting rehabilitation instead of placing judgements and stereotyping the idea. Support is the key to helping someone start the process of recovery. Being alone and receiving little connection to society and the people they love can cause heavier addiction and a higher risk to relapsing. In our nation we need to support those who need to heal from addiction. We need to love and support the individuals that suffer and give them connections to fight. Addiction is a crisis that needs a remedy.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 - A Mind at War
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