Focusing on Sobriety in the Heat of Summer

In July 10, 2018

Focusing on Sobriety in the Heat of Summer

People who are in recovery often experience difficult moments throughout the year that might trigger them and create a desire to drink again. Holidays can be especially hard and summer time can be one of the most tempting times of year with multiple parties, vacations and get togethers over the course of a few months. Sobriety in summers and the need to relax can make people feel the urge to drink again but with certain strategies it can be possible to remain sober in the summer months.

The most important thing to do during summer is to stay connected with a recovery program in whatever way possible. If you are still in rehab or are part of an aftercare program then focusing on the treatment you are receiving can help you stay sober. For those that have completed rehab and aftercare, attending twelve step meetings regularly can help you think about your sobriety goals and get valuable advice on how to deal with triggers during summer.

In order to handle temptation in the summer it can also be a good idea to limit the amount of time you spend at events or in situations that you know will be problematic for you. Social functions that focus on heavy drinking may be too much to deal with and you can always choose to leave early or simply not attend. You need to make your sobriety the most important priority throughout the summer so that you can prevent a relapse.

One of the most useful strategies in summer is to make sure to have sober buddies and other people in recovery that you can hang out with and call anytime you are struggling. They will probably be going through many of the same feelings and you can support each other in your focus on sobriety.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

Primary Therapist