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2 Misconceptions About Addiction Treatment In A Drug Rehabilitation Center

A malicious hearsay could be quite misleading, sometimes, because it is not based on facts. People talk and rumors spread which could have disastrous consequences on others or themselves. And when it comes to addiction treatments, most addicts buy into those misconceptions. To help most addicts, 2 misconceptions will discuss in this article. Here they are:

1) The treatment is not as effective as everybody is lead to believe. There are scientific facts and statistics that prove otherwise. There are, in fact, myriad of people who have been treated who have achieved a long term sobriety thanks to these treatment programs.

2) You think you only need a detoxification or at most 28 days for completely treatment. This is quite common for those who have finally agreed and decided to give drug rehabilitation center a try. And people with this mindset think that all they would get is to get the drug out of their system, and get them physically sober. If you are among this group of people, you might find the truth hard to process. But it shouldn’t be.

 It comes as no surprise to most of us that detoxification in a drug rehabilitation center is only the first step in the much needed treatment plan, not the end of all the treatment. Do not buy into that ideology that comes from skewed perspective about the treatment of addiction in a drug rehabilitation center.

Now that you know the truth, you could see that it is a misconception that could have disastrous consequences for an addict who comes in expecting a myth only to be served with a dose of reality. And then frustration sets in which could make the treatment process a lot harder than it should be. Nobody is trying to lock you (as an addict) up for an unnecessarily extended time frame and get you spending money that you shouldn’t have to.

 First, it is important to remember that those doctors in a professionally established drug rehabilitation center are not your enemy—the addiction is. As a matter of fact, you and those doctors have a common enemy—addiction. It means it is the same thing you and those well-trained doctors want. If you remember that always, it would make you to approach the treatment in a much friendly manner. It is basic human psychology. And the fact that most addicts are not the smartest people on the planet, it is easy for them not to see the bigger picture—no offense and no stereotype, if you are an addict.

So it is clear that you need a true comprehensive understanding of the facts about addiction treatment and recovery so you would come in prepared. The nature of the addiction, the human brain’s impact system, the natural reaction and behavior of patients make those that are being treated naturally resistant to the treatment process, irritable, combative, and manipulative.

The fact is, from experience, very few addicts enter a treatment program ready and willing to listen with an open-mind. Most of the addicts that enter a treatment program are not fully engaged in the early stages of the recovery process and some of them due to illogical sentimental reasons. You could see that it is a recipe for disaster.

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