Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Why is addiction so hard to resist?

Name: Emily Widjanarko

Why is addiction so hard to resist?

I believe that one of the main reasons our nation is dealing with an
addiction crisis is due to peer pressure. It is indeed very common
for youngsters nowadays to get addicted to drugs, smoking, vaping, as
well as alcoholic drinks. In addition, the fact that all these drugs,
cigarettes, vapes, and alcoholic drinks are sold everywhere makes it
much easier for these youngsters to obtain them. Other than this, it
is getting increasingly common for countries to legally allow drugs,
smoking, and vaping, which is yet again another reason we as a nation
are dealing with an addiction crisis.

   We will be in grave  danger if we do not quickly solve this escalating issue. With staggering increases in the amount of addictions, our country is
likely to experience more rush-in emergency rooms, unknown diseases,
and an increasing number of deaths per year. Furthermore, by abusing
themselves to these sort of addictions, each individual’s brain is
likely to have permanent damages. Instead of a healthy, robust body,
individuals will experience things such as depression, anxiety, and
irritability. For these reasons, there would likely be a decrease in
the amount of participation for our country’s firm foundation. This
will eventually result in a loss of infrastructure and companies.

To slow down the rapid increase of the addiction crisis, both individuals and the society can use social media, posters, or publicity to increase
awareness regarding the addiction crisis. By raising awareness of the
devastating after-effects of this escalating problem, society will be
able to realize just how serious the addiction crisis has become.
Therefore, I believe that with the participation and unity of our
fellow citizens, we will be able to slow the addiction crisis.