Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Why are we as a nation struggling with addiction?

Name: Ada Carolina Bonilla Giorge

Why are we as a nation struggling with addiction?

a nation we are dealing with addiction crisis because we are not
given the firm foundation in our family of how that can affect not
only our society but also our health. We are given the idea that is
okay to use a little bit to make us feel better, but we can stop at
any point. We get into a cycle in which at some point we can’t
stop, our body keeps asking for more and we can’t say no to
that.When we are addicted we don’t usually think how that can
affect our health and society, we can hurt people by our words and
actions and that can be a really drastic damage.We should think
before we decide to do a specific addiction, parents need to support
their kids in any possible way, father should stand up and be what
they are called to be “Head of the house”. Families need to stop
separating and become more aware of the drastic change and damage of
what that can cause to their children.