Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – The Struggle Is Real

Name: Jerika Morse

The Struggle Is Real

Addiction Awareness


Struggle Is Real

been a Heroin and Meth addict for the last 10 years of my life. I’m a
28-year-old female and I recently hit bottom for the last time. My
husband, our dog and I have been homeless, in and out of county jail
so many times I’ve lost count, we both made it out of prison in one
piece and are now on parole. I’ve almost died 7 times and picked up
the needle again without hesitation every time. Personally, I have
saved 8 lives but also been eyewitness to 3 friends deaths. I started
my junkie career with government produced and regulated OxyContin and
graduated to Heroin when the Oxy prices skyrocketed. I’ve had one
real job my entire life because I got my first felony at 18 for drug
possession, and life went downhill from there.

can think of quite a few reasons that this nation is going through
this addiction crisis, but what society needs to come to terms with
is that it’s not an accident. The powers that be know exactly what
they’re doing, and they’ve been doing it successfully long before
I was even born. Around age 19 I happened to meet what we call a
“dirty Doctor.” A medical professional who doesn’t care how
old you are, or if the shit he’s prescribing you ends up taking
your life. All he cares about is making money and his own personal
gain. He would write me prescriptions for an absurd amount of pills
for just $200 a visit every month. Everyone in my circle of friends
also saw him monthly. Let’s just say I heard he was bringing in
over $2000 a day. That all ended when 2 underage girls overdosed, and
the police traced it back to his name on those girls’ illegal
prescriptions. He’s still in prison and isn’t ever getting out.

biggest, saddest, most ignored problem this nation has is how we
treat the homeless and the mentally unstable human beings. Being
homeless and living on the street for as long as I did, I can
truthfully say that I have met some crazy ass people. And it is not a
joke. These people are mentally ill. Sick. They need real help. Not
be thrown in jail. Or left to rot until they finally die on Skid Row
or in an alley somewhere. It saddens me every time I see someone in
need begging for food or some change and passersby just laugh or
stick their noses up like they intentionally lost everything on
purpose, like they woke up one day and decided they wanted to lose
everything they care about. They woke up one morning in bed and said
to themselves tonight I want to go sleep on the sidewalk. Nobody
realizes how impossible it is to pull yourself out of that situation,
how could you if you’ve never been there? You can’t get a job if
you can’t take a shower. Can’t do the job if you can’t get a
decent night sleep. Can’t keep the job if you’re thrown in jail
because you were sleeping in an abandoned building and arrested for
trespassing. Then the court puts you on probation and now every right
you used to have is gone. The cops can do anything they want to you.
Any little infraction a normal person would get a ticket for throws
you back in jail each time for a little and a little longer. It’s
all just set up for you to fail. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious?
They make money every time you step foot in their jails.

heard this one…Heroin is an opiate correct? When you don’t have
it, you go through withdrawals. So, they made Suboxone which is
really a miracle because it eases the pain and discomfort of the
detox by like 75%. Or you can switch from Heroin to Methadone which
is just a synthetic opiate. It is also used to wean Heroin users off
the drug. But here’s the fine print that they don’t want anyone
to know. Both those drugs are supposed to be getting you off Heroin,
but they are equally if not more addicting than Heroin itself and are
twice as painful to kick. Not only that but tell me if this makes
sense to you… if you use Heroin taking Suboxone makes you
chemically unable to feel the effects of Heroin so basically buying
it is a waste of money. So yes, let’s make Suboxone have the same
effects as Heroin to a person who is clean or doesn’t use Heroin.
The powers that be are selling and making millions off things they
pretend to be helping addicts get clean but, the shit their giving us
is just a synthetic form of the shit were trying to get off of!

I said earlier… This epidemic is not an accident. Not at all. By
the grace of God, today I am at The Chapman House Treatment Program
and completely focused on myself, my recovery, and moving forward. I
am back in College, getting straight A’s. My mom even just
celebrated 1 year clean from Alcohol. If this world wants anything to
change then we need to focus on the people that seriously need help
stop. We need to stop throwing the homeless and the sick in prisons.
Put the big pharmacy companies on blast and in the spotlight so the
naïve can be educated and wake up to what is going on in their own
backyards. Because the truth is if you haven’t lived it and survived,
or taken a moment to notice and care about that bum on the
corner…then you’ll truly never know just how Real the Struggle Is.