Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – The Restriction on Addiction

Name: Deja Daniel

The Restriction on Addiction

Restriction on Addiction

It is the desire to be accepted into today’s
society that revolves around consuming false happiness. It is the
relief from the stress, grief, pain, and hardships we face in life.
It is the rappers, the movies, and social media influencing the young
minds of teenagers to partake in inappropriate activities that
stimulates ecstasy. Peer pressure, despair, and the media are all
forms of persuasion that contribute to the prevalent addiction
crisis. Once someone is drawn in, it is difficult to break the bad
habit without an effective remedy.

First and foremost, access the issue. Robert Downey
Jr. struggled with drug addiction in his past and explained that
addiction is “like I have a shot gun in my mouth, and I’ve got my
finger on the trigger and I like the taste of the gun mental.” In
the long run, addiction is bound to pose a threat for an individual’s
health. In addition, the addiction will mask the individual’s sense
from recognizing the harm that it is causing. An individual’s
mental health is in danger as well; emotions are not man-made and
therefore it poses a problem within itself when society is able to
buy happiness. The economy struggles, public education is not funded,
modes of transportation are un-obtainable and so much more when
people invest their money into feeding an addiction rather than
improving the world we live in. Moreover, the sense of security keeps
people coming back for more which leads to isolation from others. If
humanity continues to feed into the addiction, then there will be no
room for collaboration and cooperation amongst individuals to make
progress and advance in society.

Now to solve the issue, of course the most practical
approach is rehabilitation, but an individual must first want to get
better. The idea of being incarcerated isn’t enlightening nor being
told by a doctor that you have a limited amount of time to live.
Informing people of their unfortunate future and showing them
real-life examples is imperative in the remedial process. Although,
some individuals suffer from depression so they may not care about
living in such circumstances. Consequently, promote support groups
more frequently and on a large scale to offset feelings of
hopelessness. Human-beings like the feeling of comfort and care and
with someone who supports you on your side, you are more likely to be
motivated to do right by them. Just like individuals are reeled in by
peer pressure, despair, and the media, they can be reeled back out
with these forms of persuasion.