Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – The Crisis With Addiction in Society

Name: Justin Faria

The Crisis With Addiction in Society


is a very serious situation in the United States. Every year, more
and more people get caught up in becoming addicted. Why do more and
more people become addicted to a particular substance? I believe that
more people becoming addicted to something in order to cope and
relieve stress. Nowadays in our society, people are put through a lot
of stress and they do not know how to deal with it. Becoming addicted
and attached to something is the only way people feel that they can
get passed their stress. For example, there have been many people I
know who graduated from my school to go on and become addicted to
drugs because they believe it is the only thing that can help them
relieve stress.

consequences for an individual who is addicted to something are
endless. It happens in a chain of events. You can lose your job if
you ever had one, you would tend to stay at home more and distance
yourself from people and not want to hang out with them. You will
tend to not look for any jobs because you already seem happy with
what you are addicted to. There are many consequences for people who
are addicted to something and it usually is a cycle.

way we can address this issue with people who are addicted is to be
more caring. Now in society we tend to look away when we see people
on the streets who are addicted to drugs. If we showed that person a
little bit more compassion and helped them a little more, they would
try and help themselves. We have the resources with facilities to put
addicted people in, but we need to develop that compassion and care
in order for that person to feel like he can change