Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – The Consequences of Addiction

Name: Kyla Marion

The Consequences of Addiction

in and of itself is difficult to deal with, but the damage that
addiction causes to not only the person that is addicted, but the
people around them, is just as detrimental. With over 21 million
Americans suffering from some form of addiction, it is surprising
that we are not more concerned with getting these individuals the
help they need. This is an epidemic and we need to take the proper
steps to fix this issue not only in America but in the world.

are a multitude of reasons why I believe America is dealing with an
addiction crisis. Factors such as stress, mental disorders such as
depression and anxiety, peer pressure, etc. are just some of the
reasons an individual might develop an addiction. When someone is
depressed or has anxiety they tend to find any way possible to “numb”
their pain so they sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol. Because they
enjoy the way they feel after drinking or taking the drugs they do it
more and more until it becomes a problem. Stress also plays a key
role in why people become addicted. In this society we experience a
lot of stress, maybe you are and adult who is experiencing financial
problems, maybe you are a teenager who is experiencing problems at
home. Whatever the case may be, we try to find a way to get rid of
our pain that sometimes we find unhealthy ways to do so. Addiction is
also hereditary certain genes affect our dopamine levels that affect
how easily or not we get addicted to things. We do not try to combat
this crisis enough so people continue to indulge in these unhealthy
behaviors. We don’t teach people about the dangers of addiction
enough, we like to treat it like it is taboo when in fact we need to
spread the word.

consequences that an addicted individual could experience could vary
depending on what they are addicted to and how frequently they feed
into their addiction. A person could spend all of their money on
alcohol or drugs and become financially unstable because of it. In
extreme cases the individual could die from an overdose. If you are
someone who is suffering from an addiction, you are not the only that
reaps the consequences of it. Your family also has to deal with what
you’re going through. They have to guide you through the process of
getting the help you need and they experience the pain of someone
they love going through something as devastating as addiction.
Addiction can cause a lot of health problems as well, heart and lung
disease, cancer, a multitude of mental illnesses, hepatitis and loads
of other physical and mental problems. You are unable to make logical
decisions, it makes it harder for you to learn and remember

an individual’s level, talk with the person to see what they are
feeling that makes them indulge in drugs. We could be by their side
every step of the way so they know that people actually care for them
and are willing to help them through this trying time. On a societal
level, we could warn people about the effects of addiction and what
it could mean for the person and those around them. We need to stop
shaming people who suffer with addiction and learn to help them
instead. We need to be more empathetic towards them because we do not
know what they are going through that led them to the point of

too long ago my best friend lost her brother because of an overdose.
Never in my life have I ever known someone to have an addiction and
when I got that call from her saying her brother had passed away it
killed me. You hear stories of people who have an addiction and the
things they do or how they have died because of it and you think
“I’ll never experience that” or “That’ll never happen to
someone I love.” When it does though, it’s the worst feeling in
the world, you may blame yourself, you might be mad at the
individual, at the world, but all you wish for in the end is that
they would’ve gotten some help.

is a horrible epidemic that affects too many people’s lives. As the
numbers of people with addiction rise there needs to be plans put in
place to help those who are suffering. While there will be no true
end to addiction, we must do all that we can to ensure that every
single person that is suffering and will suffer gets the help they