Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign – Scholarship Essay

Name: Jasmine Gordon

Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

the longest time, I have always wanted to help people. To assist them
with their needs. Im Jasmine Gordon and I am applying for this
scholarship to help myself achieve my dream of being an aide to

Throughout the education I receive, I want to retain as much
information as I can in order to place myself higher than my own
expectations. I am currently majoring in psychology in order to
understand if the study of the way people think affects the normality
of their skin. I selected this major to boost myself in understanding
more about people and why we do what we do. This degree will help me
in my career planning because I can help those going through things
that they cannot control with their skin through mental wellness. In
the future I want to have a bachelors in Psychology as well as be a
certified dermatologist. Being a dermatologist, I want to have my own
practice as well as having the ability to help people travel for my

To people, I am the goofy, nerdy, and crazy girl who plays a lot of
sports. I also do a lot of different activities tat my friends don’t
do like snowboarding for example and the way I dress. I have the
ability to adapt to all types of cliques, like a chameleon. I have
gotten pretty decent grades throughout my life and have always know
that I want to end up in the medical field. Although I am just now
figuring out exactly what I want to do, I always knew it was going to
have something to do with helping others. Giving back to my family is
really important to me because they have supported me my whole life,
no questions asked. All I want in life is to be happy, successful,
enjoy what I do and accomplish goals that I set for myself.

need this scholarship because it would really help my mom and I as it
is just us in the household. It will give me a sense of relief to
know that it’s not all on her, even though she would give everything
to help me succeed. This scholarship applies to me because it stands
for what I want to be in life.

just want to help people and through this scholarship it would make
it a lot easier and also help my family. Again, this scholarship will
help me help others.